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Android users
"BMJBOY" Wrote:will do, however, loads on youtube already.

she should get it this week, im doubtful though. looks the danglies tho.

gonna try froyo on the hd2 this weekend.... you get me innit?

Ok cool, i'll have a look.
For all you android users that want to do cool things like use the latest roms when your stupid vendor isn't releasing them, check out... <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
&quot;TooYoungToKnow&quot; Wrote:No 2.2 update coming for mine officially Sad Saying that i was reading about something called Samdroid which would let me run 2.2 !

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[quote author=]

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... a-working/</a><!-- m -->[/quote]

Awesome ! Ill get on it when i get back from tonights ride  Smile
My worry there would be:

Don't work:

Jeez, that's a few rather important items that ain't playin ball there!

PS: Running Official (unhacked or fettered) Froyo 2.2 on my Desire and love it, lots of minor fixes & updates, far more stable and certainly quicker too.
Sadly I'm on Vodaphone, and a lot of YouTube vid's don't work for the first 3-5 tries - voda sucks on video stream apparently - worth noting.
I found when running custom symbian roms that its normally only a matter of time before the don't work issues are fixed. Saw a tweet from the modaco fella about Samsung releasing 2.2 soon. That said, the main reason I went with HTC over Samsung this time round is because my last Samsung phone got 1 official update in the entire time I had it and symbian released a whole  lot more. Samsung seem very bad at releasing new roms for their phones.
I've just downloaded an update for my Hero, a screen came up saying install now but i had to make an urgent call so pressed home to get into the phone book, but now i cant find it to install it Undecided Anyone know where update files are stored?
Turn the phone off an on again. It will bring up the same prompt. At least it should.
[quote=&quot;]Turn the phone off an on again. It will bring up the same prompt. At least it should.[/quote&quot;]Yep that worked, thanks mate Smile  Just hope it works this time as last time the phone locked up up, and it didn't install.
Update worked, and it all looks different Smile I was still on the original out of the box software. Only annoying thing is I can't delete text using the standard web browser without loosing the keyboard and the track ball won't work in the text box, but have Installed Opera mini instead which seems to be quicker.  
Agh, as usual with me everything good that happens is followed by something bad.... the track ball won't go up any more Sad

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