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Not a good start to the New Year
Went for rides around Bedgebury on the 27th & 28th Dec ... On the Sunday I snapped my chain and on both days I had issues with my chain jumping from big to granny front cogs randomly...

Only had the chance to get the bike out & clean/inspect it on New Year's Day & when I got to the crankset I saw this:


So that's that buggered then!!!

Received wisdom from others said that if the chain ring is in that state the cassette will be too and if the chain snapped then it'll need to be replaced too! (It was new in Sept)

So I'm in for a well over £100 parts bill and being the time of the year that it is there's only £1.50 in the bank... Sad

It's gonna be a long 3week wait till payday!
If your refering to the short teeth they're supposed to be like that to help the chain from one ring to the other.
Worn teeth wont cause the chain to snap...

My advice is to buy a SRAM chain as they are much stronger than the Shimano ones
That was/is a SRAM PC1031 chain... Will probably go for a KMC next time as was originally on the bike and I've read good things about them.

The pic probably doesn't show well enough but a lot of the teeth on that chain ring are worn into a shark fin shape as well as the stubby teeth worn to different lengths... One is almost completely gone:

Yeah, sharks teeth not good
Did the chain snap or was it the missing link (or chain-connect or whatever it's called)? I've had them give out on me a few times. I usually carry a chain-tool with me and just re-link using that if not got a spare missing-link.
It snapped, the quicklink was still in tact.

Luckily I also carry a chain tool and some quicklinks with me so it was just a 5 minute minor inconvenience to the ride.
A lucky find on eBay last night saw me snapping these up:


That's the exact chainring that needs to come off at a fraction of the price and will save me buying a whole crankset that I don't need.

That'll get me back out riding and come payday I'll get the cassette & chain checked/replaced.
A worn chain will wear a new ring if you do too many miles, It'll also hook up on the teeth so if it were me I would put it in a drawer & wait to do it all together...

As a side matter, when you place your order for chain & rings etc buy one of these...most useful tool I#ve bought for years & light enough to put in your back pack
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 60510144uk</a><!-- m --> no more fidling around trying to squeeze together dirty links
Cheers, yeah those pliers are on my list, I'm slowly building up a tool collection this year on a tool a month basis or when needed.

Started with cable snips and Park Tools Big Blue Book for Christmas, and spent some Xmas money on a set of Park Screwdrivers.

Next up link pliers & chain whip.

This years resolution is to be more self sufficient with bike mechanicals and less reliant on the LBS... They're great & really helpful but I'd like to be able to fix stuff myself, especially as this year I'm gonna be managing a fleet of Spesh Hard Rocks for the Sea Cadet Corps.

Not planning on many miles... Just grabbing any opportunity in the next 3weeks before I can afford a cassette 'n' chain. I work shifts and am not free to ride till next week so if this bloody rain ever stops it'll be 3 or 4 trips to Bedge before payday.

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