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Race a month
Going by the BBC weather should be ok for tomorrow, ie not raining, though will probably get a soaking today. Not sure how I'll get on tomorrow, been feeling like I've overcooked it over the past week or so.

Entered the BBD now too, 6 hour solo veterans. Usure what races to do in the Summer once the Gorrick Spring Series ends
Dry would be nice as the last Brass Monkeys was a bit swampy.

Tomorrow I think I'll die a death as due to an injury at work I've not ridden at all for a couple of weeks.

Also in for Big Dog solo and looking at the Scott Marathon series and Southern Enduro for the in-between months and planning a couple of long distances hauls too.

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Hooray, I didn't die Smile

That was good fun, a great sinuous course with a couple of really nice corkscrew sections. The sun was out and it was pretty dry if a bit squirmy in places.

I rolled in 14/17 which wasn't great had a good ride out which kept me smiling.

How did you get on?

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It takes us to where no ones been
Yeah really enjoyed it. 3 laps 01:30:38 26/52 vet male.

Course seemed quite fast, found it enjoyable, and was pretty dry - no regrets having removed rear mudhugger - barely a splatter on my shorts/back. Slid around on the thin stragly roots a few times, but only one off.

Lessons learnt:
* don't forget to look at road signs on the M3 when in the 50mph zone (no satnav)
* riding hard at the start to get past as many people as possible is good
* shorter races are fun!
* no I'm not as fast as I like to think I am.
* around 22 psi is good for front tyre.

I had been considering entering into the vet+ category next time and ride 4 laps, but based on today, will continue in the vet cat with 3 laps for the next round.
Just saw the points are up for Sunday's race and I got all excited (sort of) until I saw that um, yeah, needed to be 15th or better to get points. :oops: Worked out there was around 5 minutes between me and 15th place on Sunday (00:15:30 between me and 1st).
Round 2 of the Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle Spring series tomorrow.
I can't make the last two as I'm decorating and then have the outlaws coming to stay Sad

Looking at doing a couple of the Beastway series in Essex and maybe one of the Marathons

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Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
My result for today's race was 17th (of 38) in vets category, a better placement but there were fewer riders this time, and still just over 5 minutes between my result and 15th.

The weather was great today, got a bit too warm for what I waas wearing. Course was in good condition, very little sloshiness, slightly muddy in places, bit draggy in others. Rooty & twisty throwing me around all over the place, so quite a achy in upper body, but only one minor fall with a soft landing.

Still not decided what races to enter for May onwards, haven't looked at Beastway yet, shall take a look. Was hoping to try and find a series which isn't too far away and doesn't have more than 1 race a month, as don't want to inconvenience OH too much with car usage.


The Beastway are out because they're all weekday events. Mud Sweat & Gears is a good option especially as they've got some venues in Essex so reasonably close by, though the thought of racing round Hadleigh makes me a little nervous.
Only four months into this grand idea. Not really sure what the point is. Brighton Big Dog solo for 6hours is loosing it's appeal. My attempts at training don't feel sustainable. Last week low mileage because of man flu, this week I want to go out and do a bigger ride, get out of Thanet, but there's a race Sunday so need to keep my energy for that so must 'taper' this week instead.

Training so far, um, so I've got flat pedals on my daily commute hard tail now. My bunny hopping has improved, but practicing bunny hops/wheelies take s a lot of energy, so to be avoided on rest days at snails pace to maintain low HR, means not as much practice at that as would like. Another tactic was to lower saddle to force me into standing up position, which again, is very energy demanding. Did 13 mile ride like that Sunday, by yesterday was feeling knackered so today and tomorrow are snails paced commutes. Boring.

Which leaves Friday to have some fun, but not too much fun, so another local ride, over the same old trails. Planning on going down the park as there's a couple of jumps hidden amongst the bushes one of which I've found is just the right size (small) for my abilities right now.

In summary, the "training" (no training plan) is making me feel older more than anything (other than slower, think I might be getting slower too).
Sounds like you need a different training plan....the main thing is to have fun.
When it comes to a point when you don't enjoy the riding you wont improve no matter what you do. Whereas if you enjoy the riding, fitness will improve no matter what your training plan is

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