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Race a month
The problem is partially caused by the fact I've forced myself into cycling everyday by doing away with the car a couple of years back.

One of the training plan previews online I saw, seemed too serious and complicated - the idea of calculating how many calories a particular ride will burn taking into consideration HR zone, terrain, weather etc, for me personally is taking things way beyond my level of motivation.

My general training plan is basically six* ride days a week trying to fit in a couple of high intensity but short rides, one medium length ride, and one long ride, with the remaining commutes at a snails pace.

*usually 11 rides a week - ie 2 rides a day (to work and back), and a ride at the w/e. morning and afternoon rides usually near-match for intensity.
Laggingbehind Wrote:Sounds like you need a different training plan....the main thing is to have fun.
When it comes to a point when you don't enjoy the riding you wont improve no matter what you do. Whereas if you enjoy the riding, fitness will improve no matter what your training plan is

Couldn't agree more. I've been guilty of training all the enjoyment out of my riding before - it's easily done!

Best off getting out, enjoying it and having a bit of fun on the commute
Really enjoyed the race today - Gorrick Spring Series Rd3 - bit shorter than the previous rounds by 15 minutes or so, finishing 28th out of 44, but still 5 minutes away from what is starting to look like an unrealistic goal of 15th.

Race started off quite chaotic, lots of queueing on first half of lap 1, really frustrating, kept hearing people saying "I thought this was supposed to be a race?" (sic). By the time first lap was finished I'd taken a few places and the course had opened up. The places I took on the 2nd lap were a bit more challenging, leaving me spending most of the final 3rd lap with no one ahead I could see. Was a bit disappointed with 28th, but there's definitely some very fast riders there. The leader of the Super Vet category for example was only 5 minutes short of doing 4 laps in the time it took me to do 3.

The course was probably one of the easier ones I've done in the series, but at a race pace that can sometimes be a relief. Lots of tight twisty corners and undulations. It was at the same venue as the final round of the Brass Monkeys I entered in January, but only shared some of the trails, was a bit disappointed they'd hadn't included some of the trails I'd enjoyed from the Brass Monkey.

The Other Half came with me for support, and Sunday lunch was a nice way to finish off rather than just jumping in car and heading home.

I definitely recommend doing some races if you're up for a challenge, improves your fitness and ability!
Can you not use the commute as part of the training plan.. You could alternate one at a normal pace & one at an intense pace especially if its mainly a road commute or one you have a controlled intensity along its route.. very difficult to predict controlled intensive sections off road by the nature of the terrain..

We've done loads of 12hr & 24hr races. When we started off we stuck to a training plan as best we could.. some days intensive, some longer & some just spinning the legs... by the time the races arrived we were basically fed up of cycling, the enjoyment had gone & we were basically just cycling because we had to. We the race was over we then retired the bikes to the shed for 3 months by which time the winter had come around & we still didnt want to ride..

The following year we had a "Plan B". Ride for enjoyment, ride when we wanted or could get out & forget about anything serious... The result was we were faster, fitter & still enjoyed the riding.

TBH unless you intend on winning the races there's no real value in intensively training as a a few 15th places isn't worth the lack of enjoyment...just MHO
15th was just a goal which I thought was realistic near the start of the year based upon trying to gain points for the Gorrick Spring Series. Obviously underestimated the competition.

My training plan basically consists of a few ideas for types and approaches to riding I think will help, just need to find the right balance and what works for me. Interval training is a difficult one to fit in, in time and route, but also because I usually have other ideas and intervals aren't near the top of the pack there. The only fixed must do in my 'training plan', is two easy days of commutes per week.

After yesterday I want more power for overtaking. I catch up riders and then tail them at their pace until there's somewhere with adequate room to pass after I've slightly preserved energy and they've slightly worn themselves out defending their position. Faster more experienced riders seem to overtake almost anywhere but I'm almost blinded to following the well worn trail.
Next race: Gorrick G100. Choose the number of laps of a 12.5km course. I've opted for 4, which by my estimates could take me between 3.75 to 5.5 hours. Hoping it'll be nearer to the 4 hour mark. Could have chosen 2, 6, or 8 laps. Idea for this one is to build up over the coming months for the 6hr Big Dog. I found the 4hr Brass Monkey at start of year much tougher than expected, but conditions should be much better now.
For May & June, two races each - with local racing returning to Fowlmead Betteshanger, courtesy of CycleBubble, a series of 1 hour races May, June, July, August, courses quite short but good fun, tight & twisty, recommended, entrants ranged from beginners to experienced racers. Gorrick 100 as mentioned above in May, finished 4 laps in just over 3 hours, 46/91, and Merida Summer Monkey tomorrow, 4hours...

Not decided on race for July, other than the next 1hr at Betteshanger on the 10th.
Quote:Gorrick 100 as mentioned above in May, finished 4 laps in just over 3 hours
Nicely done that man! Considering you you hoping for about 4 hours that was a crackin result, half way up the pack too. Great work Smile
Jay Dubster.
Moved to Radstock (nr Bath) but often in Medway & up for a pootle.

2015 Whyte T130 Yari
2009 Trek 8000
2014 Boardman Team Carbon (yawn) 
Well the Big Dog didn't go to plan. During 5th lap decided my headache wasn't going to get any better, I was starting to ache all over, and the first few laps where I regularly was hitting HR Zone 5 had sapped my energy. Didn't even make four hours.

Tough course, really enjoyed it, but it did me in (bit like my trip to Les Arcs did too).

It's tough being a mountain biker living in Thanet.

Finishing result 23/35 in Solo Male Vet - surprised/cheered me slightly, but still a bit disappointing.
Sounds like you were suffering there mate, well done for a reasonable result in that situation!
How's it going with the Betteshanger races?
Well done for sticking with your race per month plan all year, that really is something 8-)
Jay Dubster.
Moved to Radstock (nr Bath) but often in Medway & up for a pootle.

2015 Whyte T130 Yari
2009 Trek 8000
2014 Boardman Team Carbon (yawn) 

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