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Be Prepared
Hi, I'm a new member, first time post.

I've signed up for the Brighton Big Dog 2016, having seen people speaking about it on this forum, so I thought I'd head to Bedgebury to do a few laps to see how I got on.

On my 2nd lap, pedalling in one of the up hill sections of a trail, there was a big click, and I found myself without a chain. Stupidly, I had no chain tool, or split link with me. I walked it to the nearest fire road, but had no idea how to get back to the car. Quick look on google showed me as being around 4 miles from the car, at which point the phone battery died.

I spent about an hour wondering around until I recognised where I was and was able to scoot the bike back. Obviously somewhere purpose built, with dog walkers and horse riders around I was never in real trouble, I'm sure if I had just walked in one direction long enough I'd have hit a main road; but technically I was lost in the middle of a wood, with a broken bike and no way of getting hold of anyone, about an hour before it started getting dark. All this could have been avoided if I'd have carried proper spares, and actually charged my phone.

The hour long walk back to the car left me with time to think how daft I'd been, and how it could have been worse if I'd have been out somewhere a bit more remote.

Lesson learned!
That's a tough way to learn a lesson, thankfully Bedgebury is relatively small...

Bet you'll never forget.
See Rule #83
Happened to all of us, as you've said we have to find it out the hard way.
You've now got the problem of deciding on what spares to take out for each ride. I fall in the always being overly prepared, the problem with this is the weight you cary and the size of the very unfashionable large back pack, seems under saddle bag and fanny packs are all the rage these days Confusedhock:
Required carrying and frequently used for me:
* Spare tube (even if running tubeless) or two (if tubed tyres are a bit flimsy).
* Multi tool*
* Puncture repair kit in case of excessive punctures (or for fixing tube on lunch break).
* Plastic tyre levers (bright colour to help find them after throwing down on ground).
* Tyre pump.
* Old hack saw blade or similar for scraping things out of things
* KMC missing links for 9/10 speed chains or Shimano chain pin.

Things I sometimes intend to carry but never do:
* Shock pump.
* Shrubbery pruning equipment.

*should contain a chain tool, hex keys, torx keys, and screw drivers, never bothered with spoke keys (too scared of making things worse) and no use for spanners on mtb.
Welcome Dench, and glad it was just a busted chain mate.
Yup, we've all been there at some point & faced a long often soggy/muddy walk.
Jay Dubster.
Moved to Radstock (nr Bath) but often in Medway & up for a pootle.

2015 Whyte T130 Yari
2009 Trek 8000
2014 Boardman Team Carbon (yawn) 
At least it wasn't in the dark and you ripped the battery lead out of your only light...with a flat tyre...on you very first ride with no real idea how to get out of kings wood!!

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