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Putoline Chain Wax
The Putoline chain wax arrived the other day and after a few days procrastinating waiting for delivery of the 1500w hot plate (£13 Amazon) to melt it with, decided tonight was the night, and in the kitchen because it was cold outside and there's no electric in the shed.

It took a while to melt. Used the time to watch wax melt rather than figure out what I was going to do with the chain after I'd pulled it out of the wax or even what to use to pull the chain out of the wax with. Answer: a screw driver and bulldog clip. No spokes to be found in shed in the dark.

The next idea: suspend chain to drip above tin of molten chain wax - which bears an uncanny likeness to tar and the smell of tar and/or reminded me of being around tractors watching my Dad work on them - a kind of agricultural machinery smell.

Pulling the chain out of the wax, one is greeted with the sight of a chain coated in a black sticky substance, at which point I started to feel like I had fallen foul of a joke played on me and other unsuspecting readers of Single Track World.

However, after using an old towel to wipe the hot chain with (which soon cooled enough to handle), the chain came up pretty sparkly considering.

Things had gone quite well so I decided to do another chain for another bike. Hardly any mess had been made with the first chain, so I was questioning my purchase of the hot plate to take the job out the house. Unfortunately, as if to remind myself, I suddenly became very cak-handed and the chain kept sliding off the screw driver during attempts to untangle it, each time splashing black wax over the work top, wall, and floor.

Got there in the end, fortunately it was pretty easy to clean up afterwards. Time will tell how well this stuff works, but am satisfied it's worked its way well into the chain inards..

Verdict at this stage: don't bother unless you ride your mtb a lot.
How are you getting on with the putoline?

I considered changing to this, but have had good luck with the muc off dry lube (even when riding in the wet) - and planet x had the 1 litre bottles reduced to £20 so stocked up
i have found the ceramic stuff works very well
I'm not terribly pro-active with maintenance, and the Putoline allows me to get away with that a little more than before perhaps. Maybe not as much as I hoped though. It's been over a couple of months I'd guess since I last used it. Still need to oil the chain with whatever is appropriate as usual, maybe a bit less than before maybe not. Once it gets to a certain point where it's really grimey and starting to get rattly again then I'l clean as much of as I can with a brush and/or wire brush and then dunk it in the piping hot Putoline for a deep clean and re-lubrication. This is on a daily commute bike which includes a bit of light XC half the time too.

I'd say it's effective just for deep clean and internal re-lube rather than for chain/sprocket interface.
I might give it a go on my commuter fixed gear bike, some of that is sort of off road and the chains seem to wear out so quickly
Wonder if it's any more effective than a decent degreaser or good old WD40 "soak, wiggle n brush" tho?
Sounds a lot of faff tbh.
Jay Dubster.
Moved to Radstock (nr Bath) but often in Medway & up for a pootle.

2015 Whyte T130 Yari
2009 Trek 8000
2014 Boardman Team Carbon (yawn) 

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