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So whats everyone got planned for 2009
as the title says what have you got planned?

so far my list is:

New forks - some form of toras
greatly improve my fitness - by the means of painful hill runs, and riding hard Big Grin
meet the rest of you lot
Hitch-hike my way to Bikeradar live (still fancy giving me that lift russ  Tongue)
Get a new frame

And most importantly pass my AS exams :o

Some new riding and some more of the usual
Improving my skills and bravery - ride things i never thought i would  8)
Improve my fitness further
Some kind of endurance ride
Enter an XC race
Upgrades as and when i need them - i'm pretty happy with both bikes but there are always improvements to be made!

Non biking:

Sell the house and make a profit (unlikely)!
Visit Australia and NZ (maybe early next year)
Get good at football
Watch England win the Ashes
Find a gf
Cure cancer

So not much really...
Ride more! Well a lot more than i have so far this winter anyway. I haven't been out since Wednesday!

Oh and new bike ;D  No i really WILL get it this year, there is absolutely no chance of being convinced that i want to go ski-ing this winter instead........although the French Alps are haveing their best season for years.......i can't go 2 years without going ski-ing........NO new bike first!!
"Pittgoat" Wrote:Biking:

Some new riding and some more of the usual

Improve my fitness further

Why don't you just save yuorself the bother and take your shirt off to reveal the "Superman" base-layer Wink
My twopenneth...

Biking Plans for the year:
Aiming to shed the weight, get fit - for life.

Ride AT LEAST twice a week, and/or get on the excercise bike

Build core stability and arm/hand strength.

Attend BikeRadar Live and enter the 12hr Enduro

Taking part in Bontrager 24/12 in July - Team Name ; "Handlebar Must-Dash"

Get to Afan again for more good times.

I have no bike plans other than some new lighter wheels when I have some cash.


Increase my business turnover/profit (or get a job!!  Smile)
Get trashed in Dublin for my 30th with all my friends (Fitness programme will be on hold that weekend)
At least get into a financial position to buy our first house.

Oh and I also want a motorbike license - just for something to have/do.

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