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Energy drinks
So what energy drinks do people use?

I got hold of some of this which i tried for the first time today.  I was warned to make it dilute so i wasn't taking in too high a proportion of sugars but it seemed to work OK and the price isn't bad.  I topped it up with some sugar free squash to make it more orangey Smile

I can recommend High5 4:1 - its effective but its expensive and doesnt taste great

I was also thinking about making some of my own brew if and when i can be bothered.  Anyone got any recipes??
After climbing I use a protein shake, it is banana flavoured and remains pretty lumpy, even after a good stirring, hence i have dubbed it monkey sick, but it seeks to work pretty well, buy it from holland and barrett when they have it on offer.
Keep it foolish...
This stuff?

I used to use that when i was training in the gym more and trying to develop muscle.  If you can be bothered to use a blender it makes it a little smoother, but monkey sick is probably quite an accurate description!!

I prefered the chocolate...
that's the stuff, good for after gym, riding or any workout that makes you feel physically drained. Whey protein, WAHEY!
Keep it foolish...
I swear by this stuff <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... nergy.html</a><!-- m --> during a ride and this <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ts_id=4999</a><!-- m --> After, if i can remember to get some. f not then for goodness shakes and Mars milk also work very well.
Yes i have also heard that chocolate Milk shakes are a good recovery drink if you cannot get specific items.

So called Energy drinks i.e Red Bull, Monster etc are not good as they can dehydrate you. however if you have one about a hour before setting out you will get the benefit of the caffeine.
We get sent all sorts of "so called" energy drinks here at the office. Perks of the job i suppose. Red Bull we have by the crate load as physically you just can't drink it without it seriously f*cking you up. We have done numerous experiments, trying it before exercise, during and after and even as energy for the brain when on deadline. In every scenario it always comes back as giving you serious shakes and your body starts to go into some sort of diabetic crash if you don't eat. The only time you don't notice these effects is when you are drinking. Probably cause the body is too drunk to realise the state it is in. Got sent some Rockstar the other month, twice as big as red bull and meant to be twice as strong, so it is like mainlining 4 cans of red bull in one hit. The result is hideous. Should come with a free Mars bar as if you don't have one to hand imminent death is likely.

Lucozade isotonic sport is pretty good for rehydration. The rest is great with Vodka or rum and not much else...
Lol if you have any Red Bull going spare i can give it a good home in my drinks cabinet Wink
Last count we had over 700 cans in my basement... 2 crates a month since the beginning of time... I'll put one aside for you. Goes great with booze, but during daylight hours it just isn't right. We actually looked into getting a blood sugar monitor so we could do proper experiments on its effects but we then decided we had best get back to work...
700!!  ??)  Lol that's a lot of sugar and caffiene!

Would be great if you can put a crate aside for me - much appreciated  ;D

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