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For BottleIt
This is an actual IM conversation between myself and the GF:

(15:01:03) James: I'm going out bike riding on Friday and Saturday.
(15:01:13) Melanie: all day?
(15:01:25) James: yep
(15:01:33) Melanie: so no melly time?
(15:01:36) James: nope
(15:01:48) Melanie: when you seeing me?
(15:01:56) James: Sunday?
(15:03:43) Melanie: we'll see
(15:03:54) Melanie: you'll prob have made more cycle plans by then!
(15:04:11) Melanie: and im bk to wk monday so it literally only is sunday
(15:04:50) James: I have no plans, I just wanted to see what you'd say
(15:05:00) James: I have to fix my wheel. Hope to do that Friday
(15:05:12) James: Ride Sat and Sun too perhaps
(15:05:22) James: But probably not all day
(15:05:28) Melanie: im guna be so lonely when we live together
(15:06:04) James: But you'll see me every day. Your own words.
(15:06:23) Melanie: yeah i know doesnt stop me being lonely
(15:06:46) Melanie: just cos i see you everyday doesnt mean we shoud never spend time together
(15:07:29) James: So the whole time I'm with you and not out riding we're not spending time together?
(15:07:57) Melanie: but there isnt any time then except if your showering or were saleeping
(15:08:47) James: eh!? We're awake for at least 14 hrs a day and I'll go out for 8 of those max, leaving at least 8 hrs I'm with you!
(15:09:27) Melanie: ok if you say so
Jim she sounds like a right bunny boiler you want to get out while you can  Big Grin

Is Math not her strong subject either  Undecided
Awww! *where's the yak bucket? :X

Bless yer heart Jimmy, and good luck getting laid this weekend!
"Jay Dubster" Wrote:Awww! *where's the yak bucket? :X

Bless yer heart Jimmy, and good luck getting laid this weekend!

Funny you should mention that, as the next complaint she had was no couple time but then what do you expect when living at her parents house!?
Brezzer has the conversations with himself!!
Do what I do and pack her off to sea for 3 weeks!
James, try rerunning the conversation with a Mini JimmyReload included................................... Sad :Smile

Have you emailed the link of this thread to her?
Have you tried telling her that if you had an Orange Five you would be quicker around the trails and therefore would be able to spend more time with her?
"mashley" Wrote:Brezzer has the conversations with himself!!

found this one  Tongue

(15:01:03) Breezer:
(15:01:25) Single woman:
(15:01:33) Breezer:
(15:01:47) Single woman:
(15:02:15) Breezer:
(15:02:35) Single woman:
(15:10:48) Breezer:
(15:11:56) Single woman:
(15:15:43) Breezer:
(15:28:54) Single woman:
(15:56:11) Breezer:

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