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Boardman MTB frame cracked
Couldn't decide if this was bad news, good news, rant or other...

After a snowy ride over xmas I noticed a potential crack on my MTB frame, on the weld joining the top tube to the seat tube. After some cleaning and investigation I decided to call Halfords and have a chat.

It's a bit worrying as I don't do any extreme stuff at all - just don't have the balls or the skills for big jumps etc.

Took it into the store today and they immediately agreed that it was a crack and as it's within warranty (2 years) they would replace it... if they can get one! I hope they do cos I don't like the look of the 2011 model at all  :Smile ...but if they can't get me a new frame, that's what I'll end up with ??)

THe chap in Halfords was great, he'll be seeking a status tomorrow.Hopefully this will end well.
So it cracked because you are to fat and so there was to much strain on the seattube join
You havent been doing what Steve did have you? Running the seat post high up on the maximum as it puts stress on that weld!
Clumsy fool  Wink
Nope, I am not Steve, plenty of seat post in there, well within limit. I am lighter than I was before I bought it and lighter than many MTBers so Tongue

Poor weld quality I suspect.
Possibly due to your inability to grow facial hair?
"Breezer" Wrote:Possibly due to your inability to grow facial hair?

Not something that worries me as my lach of body hair and abundance of carbon fibre bike bits makes me irrisistable to women Tongue
Well, update on this is that the store have secured a frame or two and could have mine in by the weekend, I will not hold my breath but if it comes in then I'll have my bike back with a new frame a week later which is fine by me... as long as they don't find reasons to try to get me to pay for ANYTHING AT ALL. Hopefully this will also mean all pivots and other bits n pieces will be cleaned/serviced correctly... I'll be asking about that when I'm there. Not sure how much of the bike to give them - my bars are non std, my chain and crankset are currently off for cleaning... but without them I'll have to set it up... so will prob. just chuck it back together and let them get on with it.
Forget if they were carbon bars? If so I would put the originals back on or I have some shoddy ones you can borrow then dump the whole bike with them and let them deal with it then when you get it back, full bolt check and set all gears and control positions etc up
Yes carbon version of the originals... dont' have the originals now but I think I'll just trust them... there is no reason for them to disturb brakes and gear controls on the bars or even the stem, just remove stem from steerer tube and reassemble to new frame... simlpes....?????

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