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Forks or Wheels?
Struggling to make my mind up on what would be the best investment. I could save a massive 400g (0.88lb) by swapping my wheels out, or I could fit a BOS Deville to replace the Float R. I wont exactly be using the bike for cross country rides but certainly will be pedalling it around Surrey, Lee Quarry and the like, plus the occasional DH venue.
I have also been looking at the BOS Deville, What wheels would you get?
Tricky one. Less rolling/spinning weight always good but then on my holiday last year I had to put on my spare rear wheel which was 250g heavier and I cant say I noticed any difference but then I am rubbish. My forks however after more faffing and starting from fresh for Sunday were just super awesome......but 36's are also good so may not be a big improvement for you although you do like your suspension tweaking...
"Deadpool2e" Wrote:I have also been looking at the BOS Deville, What wheels would you get?

I would swap the Deemax out for Crossmax SX or Crank Brothers Iodine. The bike currently weighs in at 33.2lbs so the weight saving would be good. If the Devilles are as good as people say then I would have much more balanced suspension, for sure the float r's cant keep up so well with the RC4 out back at the moment. Im just concerned that the Devilles will be flexy especially after riding 36's.
Why do you think they would be Flexy??
They are only 34mm but I dont recall any review or comment about them flexing nor any flex holding back results for people in enduros etc (although I will note that in a recent vid I saw voulioux on fox's as apparently not working with Bos anymore, personal choice or prefers Fox?). Most flex comes from rubbish bushes etc, just look at 32's, they twang back and forth so much its a joke.
I have read reviews that mention flex, the consensus is that they are less stiff for sure than a 36. "Like riding a Boxxer compared to a Fox 40" is one quote. When I had 32's I thought they were too flexy, the 35 Rock Shox were fine, 36's spot on. 34 is obviously in the middle so there is gonna be some flex.
Cant compare different makes like that. My 32mm Pikes are FAR less twangy back and forth than my old 32 Fox's.

Just buy new Float 36 RC2's, they will give you all the adjustment you want and stiffness you are used to at the expense of what, 1% possible better action from the Devilles? You dont have the best rear shock on the market so im sure they would be fine.
RC2's dont come in 160mm travel.
1% better action, so you dont think they are much better than a fox or RS equivalent? If thats the case I would be better off saving nearly 1lb on wheels.
Oh, cant they be modded down? One mag this month was on about they changed some new Fit 36's to RC2 as they preferred the adjustment of the older setup, forget which mag but can find out tonight if required...

Was a random figure. I have no idea how much better they are if at all, never owned any other 160mm forks, p1ss all over my old Fit Float 32's though, they work for me, mags say they work well, only a data logger/suspension dyno machine would tell you how much better they are.

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