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SIXT Van Hire
On our recent trip to Wales we hired a van from SixT to carry the bikes in (£40 a day). The van only came with basic third party insurance so we paid extra to upgrade to fully comp. On the way to Wales the van got a stone chip in the windscreen after a hefty sized stone was flicked into in on the Motorway, this chip quickly turned into a 6" crack.

On returning the van we were told we'd be invoiced for the crack, despite being fully comp, and as the excess on the insurance was £500 we were told in no uncertain terms that they could charge anything up to that and there was nothing we could do. As we had taken the fully comp option we though the most they could possibly charge us was the insurance fee for an autoglass call out (£50 when I had my car done) and 2 days van rental (as out of action whilst getting repaired), so assuumed that reasonably they should only charge us £150.

Any how, the invoice came through this morning :£414   >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad Its not even like it was our fault.

I can guarantee it cost them nothing like that much to get the windscreen repaired, Disgusting w**kers!! >Sad >Sad >Sad

We could have written the van off completely and it would only have cost us an extra £85.

Staff were rude and also came across as intellectually challenged.

AVOID like the plague.
Anyway you could claim it on your own car policy if it covers other vehicles you are in?
I wasn't the driver but I imagine thats too late now as the works been done (was given back a week ago)
Looked at renting vans before, expensive even without issues like this. How many of you went then to need a van as well?
8 of us went so we only took 1 car and the van. We're splitting the cost so its £52 each but thats besides the point. Next time will just buy a clapped out old transit off ebay; Sketchy group buy?
Proper sucks, you should only be paying any excess surely - thats the point.

Demand to see all invoices.
Too late now but you can buy insurance to cover the excess. Ridiculous I know. But avoids this kind of thing.

Disgusting service though
Will have to look into that for next time, be nice to know that fully comp means fully covered.
It's all explained in an article on <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->

Worth thinking about
Insurance to cover the insurance excess....  Undecided

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