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Gorrick Round 5 - Frith Hill, Surrey
Whos going to this then? It's the final round.

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I'll probably be entering the fun category. Aiming to turn up soberand without man flu this time.

Entry available online or on the line.
Yes and this time I wont have mud tyres on! I will however still have my heavy dropper as I dont have a long enough normal seatpost for my new (heavier!) frame but hopefully the tyres will help. Had hoped for top 10 but realistically top 100 is the target
Top 20 will do me after my poor showings at the 3 I have done so far.
Ill be there - general - why the fun, you were doing the opens before weren't you?
I don't quite think my fitness is up to it at the moment. Although I was legitimately ill for the first 2 races and very hung over at the last (race planning fail). Trawling around at the back on your own is no fun so figure that in the fun I could at least be racing someone. Plus the opportunity to beat Breezer  Tongue

This all being said I have done more riding since the last race than I have done all year, lost a few lbs and as I've been riding the xc bike to work I've been gradually tweaking it to suit me (changed the saddle, adjuted the fore/aft, tilted bars, changed lever angle). Somewhat worried about having overcome the excuses and still doing badly.

Will probably get to the race early and ride a practice lap, and then make my choice on the line depending how I feel on the day.
Hmmm - fair enough.  Most important thing (well 1 of them) I go by is HR - knowing what you can sustain for 90 mins & reigning yourself in particularly on the 1st lap if your blowing it.    Ive seen me back off several times just coz i know if I keep tanking along ill be blown later.

Get that worked out your onto a winner.  
MY HR averages about 165 during races (190 max HR, though may re-evaluate this on the turbo at somepoint), though on most normal rides its more like 145 and I feel like I go faster than I do in races - probably an efficiency trade off. I do find it hard to sustain a higher HR during normal rides, something I'm gonna have to work on.
I have a 160mm front and rear bike, not ideal for xc, thats my excuse  Tongue
&quot;Breezer&quot; Wrote:I have a 160mm front and rear bike, not ideal for xc, thats my excuse  Tongue

If you weren't so tall you could use my BM HT.  (its a medium 18")  Chop some legs off.
hmm 18", sounds to big for you heh, I used to ride a 18" Inbred 456 with a 400mm long post with room to spare! My Fritzz is only 18"! What size post does it need? Not sure if my back could cope with racing on a HT, would need to stand up a bit more as used to get pain on the Zesty sitting all the time although going uphill on it made it worse as it sagged down.

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