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Cheap small van for mtb vs car
I happen to be in a fortunate position to be wanting a prestige car, no idea what yet, although audi a8 and some bmw models are ticking my boxes.

It will be my pride n joy if i buy one, nothing dirty is to get near it, only mrsboy Wink
It must not be used to transport bikes.

My original thoughs are to get a cheap small van, like a berlingo etc.

Or forget the nice car and perhaps go for a good spec smax or similar allrounder similar to my galaxy.

So i have several motoring options, just mulling over ideas.
"BMJBOY" Wrote:I happen to be in a fortunate position to be wanting a prestige car,

Is this a fortunate position? I'd say not wanting one was more fortunate. If I wanted a banana and there was one in the kitchen then I'd be a happy man. However, if I wanted a lightly grilled badger stuffed with kumquat parfait I'd be bum out of luck.

Get a 330 diesel. Haven't you already got a nice Galaxy?
Keep it foolish...
Id reword my statement to say fortunate to afford one, and given relocation nearer to work, im possibly in the market for something nice as mileage is very low, and i have clearance from the missus!

I could keep the galaxy as the van type option, but insuring it is fairly high. An old berlingo etc would be cheap to run in comparison.

My common sense approach would be for a new smax or similar to have that nice new car, but also have a mtb wagon.
fair enough, I was just being pedantic  Wink

I'd be tempted by the Berlingo, they drive like a small car, don't cost much and fit a bike, gear and the necessary stuff. Easy to park in town with cheap insurance, which despite being boring is pretty important.
Keep it foolish...
My van is too big to park easily in town, some multistory carparks are too small / low and a space in brighton (a regular destination) big enough is g'teed to be a mile from where I want to be. So much so that I'd take the bike with me to commute from a parking space to my mate's house!
Keep it foolish...
i'd keep the galaxy as the bike car/ work horse then get a nice coupe/ posh car/ sports car for fun or because you can.
"leadbasher" Wrote:i'd keep the galaxy as the bike car/ work horse then get a nice coupe/ posh car/ sports car for fun or because you can.

Il be looking into that option, but as a 7seater, its not the cheapest to insure. Id want the mtb wagon to be mega cheap as possible.
My Dad has an 06 BMW 730 d. I drive it lots and its a fantastic car, very comfortable and goes like stink, handles pretty well too considering its size. And with an old double duvet on the back seats and old sleeping bag covering the drivetrain the bike goes in easy too Smile

I've driven a Berlingo lots and they are great little vans, if you get a facelifted one with the massive headlights, as the older ones are pretty nasty. With my foot welded to the firewall the max I got out of my S reg 1.9d was 78mph and 70 was still pretty noisy. Also the driving position was very uncomfortable and my right leg used to be in agony after driving back from Shoram every week. with the facelifted they got all new more efficient engines and new interior, and driving position was improved loads.
My ex father in law owned a little Berlingo as a work van and used to run it everywhere , if he and his wife were going anywhere together they took her vauxhall astra.
anyway like yourself he was in a similar position of wanting / being able to afford flash / sporty car (aka a mid life crisis) :Smile he brought a sporty little number and sold it 18months later, for a large loss ,as he just didn't get any use from it because it wasn't an everyday runaround .
my choice would be to go for the high spec Smax or similar  Wink
I reckon the top-spec smax would be the way to go.
Or a Merc G-Wagon....  If y'all wanna pimp yo ass....  (I think that's what the local scrotes say nowadays :B)

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