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Tescos £8 AA 3w Cree Lights

I initially got three of these as a cheap way of going night biking for the first time. Read the huge thread on Bike Radar and found out lots of things, but mainly that everyone was raving about them.

You can cable tie them to some very cheap light brackets from CRC, they cost £3 and i mounted two to the bars. Other guys seem to go for the two fish lock blocks but these are nearly a tenner each! Cable tied to a mount they actually look pretty good. Then cable tied the last one to my helmet.

First impressions were excellent and i went on a short loop and discovered i loved night biking, also loved the fact that on a Friday night i was in the woods getting muddy and not getting p!ssed. Was so excited i went home and got p!ssed...

The batteries are good for about an hour and 15 minutes, then they die massively. Never tried decent rechargables but i am sure these would last a little longer. Very bright, each torch is about 90 Lumens so with three of them you have a half decent set up.

By removing the collumator from one of the torches on the bar you get a flood light and a spot and then a spot on your head too. When the batteries are fresh it is a great set up.

Downside is riding in a group with people with decent lights, this set up then ceases to be powerful enough if you ride in the middle of the pack as all you can see is the shadow cast by the guys portable sun behind you...

You can see these torches on the web, and they seem to sell out really quickly in the shops. There are also two different types of LED a super bright white one and a yellow one. Pot luck as to which you get and obviously the white one is better than the yellow one.

For £8 you can't go wrong and you will find them next to the lightbulbs, although i have heard the cree ones have been discontinued...
Airbike P7 Ever Light  SL2

After finding myself somewhat lacking in the light department after last weeks ride i did a bit of hunting. I was going to get a new P7 torch, some rechargables and a charger and costed this all up to be about £80 once i had the mounts etc. Realised this was getting into the neighbourhood of proper bike lights so did a bit more research.

I had noticed Ade had one of these bad boys, the SL1 on the ride that caused all the problems. After doing some more research i found these at Planet X for £125 Normally they retail at £175 so all of a sudden a decent bike light is at a decent enough price to warrant me splashing out.

The SL2 puts out 375 Lumens on Low and 700 on High, although the P7 Led is actually rated at 900 Lumens, you lose some of the light with the reflector and the lens. But it is the same LED as the ones you see in torches on Ebay claiming to be 900 Lumens. Airbike prefer to state the actual output rather than the LED's capability.

The light from the Airbike is very bright indeed, easily twice as good as three Tescos torches and when combined with a Tescos torch on your head with fresh batteries i really can't see why you would need more.

The light is pretty floody, which gives you good depth perception and on this evenings ride i never felt like i was lacking any vision at all.

Well made with a heat sink on the back, light battery pack and boasting 3 hours on High and 4 hours on Medium and 5 hours on Low it should be plenty for those long Wednesday rides we seem to be doing!

After lots of research you simply cannot buy a better bike specific light for the same money. I am super stoked with it and will be found in the woods on most evenings from now on Wink

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I will keep a Tescos torch on my head and will keep my other torches so i can introduce friends to the joys of night biking. If you haven't tried it yet be sure you do, easily the most fun you can have on a bike!
Feel free to tell us all about your lights, Nick i know you carry the sun around on your bike!
Niteflux Photon Max


Wanted my first "proper" biking light for off-road use but within a budget of £150.

The Niteflux photon max was bang on budget and with a max output of 800 Lumens. The light comes in a handly roll up pouch with helmet mount included.

Its an LED unit, 3 leds housed into a cool looking but not oversized unit. Simple adaptor jack plugs into the back for power.  The unit itself has no buttons on, its all on the battery.
The unit has 4 settings, FLASH/LOW/MED/HIGH.  You can ride the trail on MED, and HIGH just floods everything infront of you with a cool crisp white light.

The battery itself gives about 1.5hrs on MAX, and a lot longer on other settings.  The battery straps to your bike, approx the size of a redbull can. The different modes are operated by the switch on the battery - which can prove tricky if you want to change modes while pedalling or need to change quickly - ie, car approaching or pedestrians (you WILL blind them!)

This light is NOT ideal if you commute, as its fiddly and time consuming to add/remove from the bike. I dont commute, so this doesnt bother me.


Awesome light power at this price bracket
4 Light Modes
Excellent spread of light, no spot to cause tunnel vision
Will step down a mode when battery gets low

Quite a fixed position product, cannot unclip it quickly. Not ideal for commuters
Mode change is fiddly dependant on battery location on bike.
Will get hot if you are not moving and leave light on MAX for an extended amount of time.
No idea of lumens on my setup. I sometimes run a 35w 12v Halogen but over volted to about 16v (14.4v batteries but put out more), although I only used a 20w (so 24 ish when over volted) last night out as I strapped a tescos torch to my helmet which was useful for some of the twisty bits. Mines all home made, will post photo tonight.
Fenix L2D CE Premium Q5

Use this as my helmet light fixed using the Twofish Lockblock.

As we all know by now, amazing little torch, works great on high powered rechargables too.

If in doubt, buy one if you have the money!

For our Enduro event, Im thinking of running more than one and using my Photon Max on Medium to extend run times - swapping batteries in the Fenix would be the most effective way to run on an Enduro.

Theres tonnes said about this torch everywhere else - just buy one (or one of their newer models which I cant keep up with their references!)
I'm a Hope man myself (sometimes living in hope.. sometimes verging on the edge of hope but mostly hopeless)

Anyway, on the bars Ive got a Hope HID
On the helmet I'm using the Hope LED2

I think you will find that the 24/12 rules will mean that you will need to have a proper bike specific light. I've done a 8 or 9 24hr Enduro's & a couple of 12hrs & one thing I can say is that sufficient lighting is very important.. You'll be tired & riding un-familiar terrain, not being able to see where your going wont help your cause.

Most of my riding at the moment is at night around BBH... anybody interested, we can plug around all that mud together.  
&quot;Laggingbehind&quot; Wrote:I think you will find that the 24/12 rules will mean that you will need to have a proper bike specific light. I've done a 8 or 9 24hr Enduro's & a couple of 12hrs & one thing I can say is that sufficient lighting is very important.. You'll be tired & riding un-familiar terrain, not being able to see where your going wont help your cause.

Most of my riding at the moment is at night around BBH... anybody interested, we can plug around all that mud together.  

I sincerely "hope" that isnt the case, as I bet a vast majority of entrants will run a Fenix combo of some description - I myself have advised my mate Rob to buy 3x Fenix L2D's for the race - Which is think is plenty for a eg 10km course at steady pace.  If you're going to attack the ST then of course more prominent lighting is required.

I would think after 8hrs riding in the daylight we would know the course "enough" to know of any scary areas, I think nighttime would be a more relaxed pace or maybe even a tad faster if you cannot see right!  Wink

Worth asking though.

Done BBH at night several times, Im not too keen on going at the moment as the mud/clay is a joke in some areas - when it drys a bit, Id be more than up for some night riding around there.
Lupine Betty 7 for me 1500 lumens I think, plus a joystick maxx mounted on my hat.

They provide lots of light but are costly. If I was starting again I would just get a Lupine Wilma, a mate has one mounted on his hat and it gives amazing light and weight almost nothing, plus quite a bit cheaper than the betty.
I'm really tempted to get a couple of these; links to batteries, charger, brackets, etc, and a good little review

Sound like great little lights for approx £40 all in.
of course you might get stung for import duty, but even then it's still cheap for a 500 Lumens light.

Anyhoo, read thru this thread & saw nothing even near that price, so thought it maybe of interest/use..

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