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Summer UST Tyre advice
Sorry guys but i need some tyre advice again please.

Went to tubeless my nevegal tonight and found a slit in the side wall  >Sad >Sad >Sad >Sad

So im going to by a UST tyre this time round (DT Switt rims with stans conversion kit).

I see HR do a UST tyre but reviews not great for this, i want a tyre suitable for wales but also local stuff and PORC.

Mark, Russ, Reg, Sailor etc what are you guys running ?, id be grateful of advice from anyone please.

Needs to be no smaller than 2.2. Will be running older HR on rear. Oh and it needs to be in stock and ordered by tomorrow,

I was gonna suggest 2.25 Rubber Queens but Russ was having trouble finding anywhere that has them in stock. I am still a big fan or Maxiss Ardents, I think they are more grippy than HR and definitely faster rolling. Only 2.25's are UST but they come up bigger than 2.35 HR's.
Repair the tyre using one of these... find a local tyre place & you'll probably get one for free.

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I have High roller ust 2.35 front and back for wales, but will be trying out some Rubber queens in the future.
I use 2.2 UST Queens, they are bigger than a 2.35 highroller, you wont find a tyre lighter, in a decent size and proper ust, i know ive searched, the only alternative is Schwalbes which come up a fraction lighter but do not have such aggresive tread patterns. But you wont find them in stock anywhere till then end of this month..


2.35 Kenda Nevegal UST (rare)
2.25 Maxxis Ardents lust
2.35 Maxxis Highrollers lust
2.2 or 2.4 Schwlabe Fat Alberts UST (apparently the new evo versions are tubeless ready, i couldnt get them to work)
2.2 or 2.4 Schwalbe Nobby Nics UST

few others to, maybe the new AMAC Cedric Panaracer tyres
I have been trying 2.25 Ardents recently, they roll fast and are very easy to pedal round. When compared to my usual Minion F/High Roller setup they dont have anywhere near the grip levels, this is most noticeable on cornering where the softer and smaller shoulder knobs just dont have the bite. They also have very little braking grip, so if you intend to use them on very steep loose stuff its something you really need to consider.

I used the Ardents on Whites Level over the weekend, they were ok although I pinch flatted on the first decent, the sidewalls are very thin so you still need quite a bit of pressure to support them.

I switched back to minion/HR for The Raven trail which was much better. Another guy who was with us was using Ardents, he really likes them despite almost giving up the ride at one point, as the trail got muddy and a little steep and he was just sliding down the hill with no control.

I have tried the Rubber Queens in the past and they would be my choice over the Ardent, the only thing I would add is that I found them a little prone to cuts.

Im sticking with the 2.35  Minion F (front) 2.35 High Roller (rear) combo on my trail bike and two 2.5 ST Minion F's on my play bike.

For those running tubes in Wales I would recommend adding an extra 5 psi to the rear over what you would normally run. I usually put 35psi in the back, and despite using higher volume tyres I still needed 40psi to avoid pinch flats.

Personally as you are going to be using a HR out back, I would buy a regular Minion F for the front, I wouldnt bother with a tubeless one though as they are messy and a hassle when you need to fix them trail side. This combo will work well everywhere if you are looking for a setup that can be used for trail riding and downhilling without having to swap tyres out.
I wish they did a minon in 2.35 UST as you can only get 2.5 in UST
[quote author=]II have tried the Rubber Queens in the past and they would be my choice over the Ardent, the only thing I would add is that I found them a little prone to cuts.


UST ones?

My 2.2 Queen on the back has seen, North and South Wales, Aston, Chicksands, Surrey, Swinley and 3000m decent in the Alps, its still going strong, though a bit worn out now  Big Grin
use UST dual ply tyres for CwmCarn and Porc and places and even Chicksands as I can land heavy - mainly Minions (like the avatar) but also have some old Highrollers

if I have to ride up hills I've been using Maxxis Crossmarks or Hutchinson Toros (a bit dear) and possibly Larsens at back and have Toro front and Larsen back on 2nd set of wheels currently for Wales

Russ's set up looks good for all rounder and agree that its a shame there's not a 2.35 UST singleply set of Minion Fs

normally run 25 psi maybe a bit more for DH stuff in France

I'll have a couple of spare Maxxis dualply in van if you rips or shreads a tyre there (CwmCarn)

used to use RRs but would use only races and also NNics - OKish but not as good an all round XC as Toro (all my tyres tend to be UST and a bit scared of trying nonUST minions)
Cheers guys, ill go for a 2.35 Lust HR i think, im determined to run tubeless this summer, I spoke to Mike about Rubber Queens last night Russ and i would have gone for these if in stock, shame ..    just one question though, on this link.

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Is the correct one the 26 x 2.35 Folding 62a/70a / LUST UST one, i know i will have these quickly if i order from here so dont mind paying the extra

Russ what about this one <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... spx?ID=354</a><!-- m --> ?, i know its 2.4 but perhaps this might be suited as im doing a bit more DH stuff at the mo ?

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