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Which one? experts needed.
Dear experts,

Which one

Not much in it really, both 24 speed,  both mechanical disc brakes but the avid BB's have been around for quite a while so bound to work better. Similar forks. Dont know full spec on Giant ones but the Specialized has preload as well. Iirc they make quite a few "womens" bikes and have done for a while so may have more sorted geometry plus the Giant just looks awful whereas the Specialized looks great but then the intended buyer may think differently! Giant will have bit more stand over due to that mad swoop on the top tube

As with all bikes, especially if a new rider, sitting on them is best and there are Evans shops everywhere
I prefer the look of the Giant but as you say its each to their own...  The Avid BB cables are supposed to be the best cables around aren't they?  But spec aside surely she'll go for the one she likes the look of best?  That's how Emma ended up with the Fuel EX8 and custom flame paint job...
I deny ever buying something bike related because it looked better than a similar but cheaper part.....
Thanks guys, thats the thing she is going to be more concerned about which one she likes than which one has the better spec. I had Hayes mx4 mechanicals on my old yukon and they would do her fine. I doubt it wil get ridden to heavily but it will be a vast improvement over her appollo skip she has at the moment.

I prefer the look of the specialized, its going to be a surprise so she doesnt get to choose. Will have to do it subtly
Take a mental note of the colours and take her shopping and find two irrelevant girlie things with colours like the bikes and see which she prefers Smile
Excellent idea, i was thinking of pointing out cars in similar colour.
Picture os thing that should be in a skip, obviously the one to the right.
It looks weird. What are the strange lever type things situated near the rim with what looks like a bit of rubber attached to them?  ;D
I'd say the spec on both is so close it almost doesn't matter..

Its the geometry that'll count and i can't find the numbers for the giant but the spesh is 74 seat tube - 69.5 head angle which will make for a a comfortable bike for a shorter torso and should keep some weight on the front through singletrack but may feel alittle perched on a steep down...

Can't find the numbers for the giant so can't compare... will have another look later
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            

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