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World Cup DH
Tracy Moseley currently P1 in qualifying....  5.831s ahead 8)

GO Tracy...
How are you keeping up-to-date Ade?
"Adie.J" Wrote:How are you keeping up-to-date Ade?

Check out <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... Y&LangId=1</a><!-- m -->
for live timing.  Also on

Gee in 2nd at the mo
Peaty in 10th :o

(amazing what you can find out on Twitter....)
Gee 4th now :o

Sam Hill about to go.... ??)
Cheers mate.
Hilarious course, some of the super fit xc guys would probably be quicker down it than the lower placed dh'ers
Id love to see an xc guy hit the jump at 02:18 and again at 04:24!  :o

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I really like the course, shows whos put in the effort to not only work on there technical skills but get some super fitness, bikes have pedals for a reason, one of these courses in the WC is good, wouldnt like it for all of them though.

On another note, pause the vid at 04;15!!
Mannon Carpenter 8th! Very impressive, she will be one to watch for the rest of the season as this track totally didnt suit her.
Position she used to get most of last year I thought...missed the womens doh

Why cant they work out that the Mikes dont work, oh as I type they finally do so its not just Warner talking to himsefl!
Excellent my fantasy team lass won heh, excellent result for 2nd place rider, prob her best in DH? damm close as well!

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