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Which upgrade first?
Im hoping to save a little each month to upgrade the bike to be a bit lighter/better.

Current bike is Giant XTC SE 06, all stock, apart from new shiny XT Crankset.

My thoughts move onto Forks and Wheels.

Current Forks are RockShox J2, Wheels are standard which come with the bike.

Im thinking upgrade Wheels first, something like a Mavic set from Merlin with XT hubs as I know they are lighter.

Any suggestions on what YOU would do to improve the bike (on a budget!)

Is upgrading the handlebars worth it?
I reckon you’d be best off upgrading wheels (not sure what your current ones are though) as there is a lot of rolling weight in those. 717s and XT hubs seem a popular choice for not too much cash.  Forks are also a good place to save weight if you’re going for a lighter build.  Again I don’t know much about the ones you have but something like a Reba (a touch over £200) is likely to be a huge improvement weight and performance wise.  I’d only bother with the bars if you’re unhappy with the setup or if they’re really heavy.  It’s not a bad place to save weight but I’d go for the other areas first.  I only upgraded my bars as I wanted a shorter stem and found a really good deal for the pair (think I saved over £100 buying them together).
My mate Andy got the 717's with Xt hubs and the weight difference between our bikes is tremendous! (we have the same bike)

I think Wheels would be first as they are the cheaper option and I reckon, the biggest in making a difference.

Its that age old question on how far do I go before buying another bike is the most financially viable option.

Im just thinking about bike weight now Im entering this Enduro! - I think the biggest weight loss should be around my belly!  :B
Your other option to to keep upgrading and when you want a new bike move the best components to a new frame.  Worked out for me with the Trance and XTC so i have a nice choice to make when i ride now.

I was considering new wheels but i can't really justify spending too much just at the moment.  It's going to be a tight year financially with the state the country is in and both bikes work ok!!
When I had my XTC I put Hope and 717 rims on - made a huge difference.

I then changed the forks which again made a huge difference.

Then I put a 27.2mm seat post in with a shim - made it much more comfortable as the post bends a bit

The stock seatpost, stem and bars are really heavy compared with the On Ones I got for my Inbred, but you won't find a big difference in them so change them last.
Yeh I think Wheels is literally the way forward!....

Better get ebaying some gear I got here........  Smile
If your budget will stretch to tubeless wheels then i recommend it...  been running mine since May and have not had a single punture and i've ridden all sorts of terrain.

There are some great deals on wheels out there at the moment so happy hunting...  

Look forward to rding with you sometime.
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Im getting mixed feelings about tubeless - as in when they go wrong, the really go wrong in respect of reseating, getting a proper seal etc.

I dont think I know enough about tubeless to make the move. Any definitive guides anywhere?
Fair bit of info on tubeless here or by searching Bike Radar.

I'll probably go tubeless when i get the cash for new wheels.  If you have problems on the trail you can always stick a tube in anyway
Is tubeless "Really" an advantage? - just watched the video on - seems a hell of a lot of work for what I can do in 2mins with an inner tube.

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