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Motorola defy, anyone have one?
Looking for a new phone as I have a prehistoric Sony Ericsson at the moment which has lasted to well but now has 2 cracks in the screen etc.

The Mrs has the new i-phone and although i'm a big fan of apple products I'm going to be staying on an 02 sim only simplicity contract which means I have to buy the phone outright and I don't fancy paying £500 for an i-phone 4!

Due to my job and mountain biking i'm not too easy on my kit so the motorola looks ideal.

Anyone here have the defy? If so what do ya think?

I really just want something to make calls on, send texts, browse the web when needed and look at my e-mails. But most of all want something rugged which will take a bit of abuse!

I've had one since just before Christmas, and have been generally pleased.  The ruggedness and low price were the major draw for me.  I used a Blackberry prior to this, and was pleased with it too.  Overall, I give it a 4/5.

-Ruggedness.  No scratches on mine yet, and I've tested the waterproofness successfully.  I've dropped it a few times, but nothing that would test most phones.  I put it in my jersey pocket rather than Camelbak without a second thought.
-Cheap.  Only 20 quid a month on contract on Tmobile.
-Battery life.  I charge most nights, but usually have almost 50% left at the end of the day.  I do a fair amount of browsing on my train journey, but don't use the music/video player functions often.  I receive and read quite a few emails in a day, but don't compose many on the phone.
-Compact size.  The screen is larger than the one on the iPhone4, but the length and width are both smaller.  It's a bit thicker, but overall is very pocketable.
-Call clarity.  The best I've had on any phone.

-Motoblur.  Motorola's skin has some good features, but I think it slows down performance notably at times.
-Android 2.1.  This is supposed to be updated to 2.2 soon, but 2.1 is missing a few features, and doesn't perform as well.
-I miss the physical keyboard from my BB, but that's not a knock against the Defy.  I am getting to like the Swype keyboard supplied with the Defy, but it behaves weirdly when composing on some websites, including this one.  

As far as inexpensive smartphones go, I think it's hard to beat.
Thanks for that, sounds ideal! Think i'll buy one from amazon and stick with my 02 sim only set-up! Smile

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