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Wireless "N"
Guys - Ive just re-signed to BT Broadband and got the new spangly 2.0 Homehub coming which is Wireless "N"

Ive currently got a Netgear Rangemax Wireless "G" card in my main PC.

Now, I know they are compatible, but would there be ANY advantages to getting an N card for the PC?

Oh Im so confused... but bandwidth hungry!  >Sad
if im right in thinking the 'n' enables a vaster access area, and also it can make your internet faster, most of the times though the speed of the n protocol is held back by your internet connection

i think Big Grin
Scouring the net last night it appears the no company has an "official" N system as its not a fully supported protocol yet.

My Broadband is only 8meg anyway, so I know my net wont get any faster than that.

I have an Xbox360 which I want to run as a Media Center and my current home network struggles, and thats at 54mbs!

Being a BT product, I think I will wait until Ive got it, and used it for a while before I dive in a buy a Wireless N Pci card.

The current Homehub is a piece of plastic sh*te, so this free offer of the new one and reduced broadband bill came at the right time.
BT is shite full stop, I hate them heh. Wireless is also pretty useless. Even if you had for example 2 PC's sat right next to each other talking via 54mbp wifi, you wouldnt get more than 20mbp due to the shared bandwidth of wireless, its a nightmare for file copying etc. There is also a bit more latency etc. You adsl may be 8meg but thats peak, actual speed down will of course depend on phone line and where you are connected plus, no adsl can upload quicker than around 0.8mb ie ~85k/sec max, thats how its designed, you need sdsl if you want the same both ways but then you need to bend over and pay a couple of hundred a month and not many exchanges support it heh, its really for businesses and its a poor mans version of a leased line
I run a business from here and we dont have cable in this area - I dont want to change BB suppliers as sods law there would be issues in changeover etc - I simply cannot afford that to happen as I run an online business, any downtime is lost money imho.

To be perfectly honest, the SERVICE from BT has been excellent, Ive had ZERO downtime in the past 2 years, and the last time of a problem was at the exchange end and the engineer done a full and proper test on my line - Im getting 7.8 downstream (which even surpised him!) upload is capped still at 0.5mbs - that doesnt bother me.

Yes the equipment could be better, and Im hoping the N series 2.0 Homehub will be.

The problems come when/if you need to speak to India for advice, thats when I dont like it.

Ive had AOL and Tiscali before BT, both has ridiculous limits on the accounts and very limited in features, BT is fairly relaxed on its limits and I can setup various site related thingamees without being blocked.

Having wireless N would be treated as a bonus, Im current running G and my Xbox360 as a Media Center doesnt work - this could be a firewall/port issue though.

I game, run my busines and have a couple of PC's, and (touching wood) its been acceptable for what I need.
360 media centre is not that great, its so limited in its codec support and all that plus iirc you need a pc running xp media centre unless you store the files on it. Either way they are so loud, expecially the older ones, that they are unbearable. I faffed with tv versity or whatever its called and some other compatible media centre extenders in the past but all were useless.

I still have a original xbox in my wardrobe with a modchip in it. For ages I ran that with the decent open source xbmc which played everything I chucked at it plus emulators etc. I only put that aside as I made up my media centre pc which with a suitable number of hacks, could play all my videos plus record on its twin tuner card which of course the old xbox couldnt do. I have no tv reception at all at my new place so that feature is now redundant but I use it over the xbox simply because it has a remote control heh. I might get a remote for the xbox off ebay and rehouse it in a 2nd hand media pc case then flog this nice one as I could do with the money. If I buy a house and am not on short term rent, I will subscribe to sky+ anyway so no need for a pc that can record tv

I have 4 leased lines, a number of isdn primary rates and about 150 analogue lines at work so I know all about BT and their incompetence. In fairness the engineers that visit site are always nice and seem to know what they are doing, its the ****wits on the business side that are the issue. A great example recently was ordering a new leased line to be told it would take 40 working days (!), bearing in mind its putting a box on the wall as I already have enough spare copper in the building then its just routing at the exchange. They then outdid themselves by losing the order and half installing it at another company delaying it further! Still not done after nearly 2 months (so just inside their 40 day limit!), got the box on the wall and half the routing done last Friday!
Im not expecting miracles with the Xbox - but would be nice to see it up and running - Im running Vista HP which has media center built in, its worked OK in current form for music and Pics, but streaming movies has proved slow and "sketchy"

So far this "upgrade" has cost me nothing, but will be getting a wireless N card nearer the time.

The amount of money I would save watching my "legally backed up" movies would be worth the investigation on if this works.

Then all I need is a love-film account!  Wink
So the 360 has worked for playing videos just quite choppy? That means no firewall issues then else it wouldnt work at all. I don't know the spec of the MS 360 wifi adapter as they are a sodding outrage, £50 odd for a £15 usb dongle with a different case! Anyway, I doubt it supports 108 etc so even if your new home hub is quicker, the 360 will still be the slow bit. I can't recall the exact figures but a 720p video stream even if compressed still needs a few MB a second say 4, thats 40 odd mbit, a 54mbit wifi link is shared amongst all devices so even with just 2 and the router you wont get much more than 20mbit ie 2mb/sec which is lower than 4 (heh), hence the choppy video....

If you can get a new card for your PC that support this N standard and wire the 360 directly into the home hub as I presume both are in your lounge then thats your best chance.
I would say incredibly choppy - the Xbox is wired straight into the hub, so no issues between Xbox and Hub for speed (I hope).  Wireless from Office to Hub has never been amazing, which is why Im pinning the solution on the new hub and improved N service.

I will be getting a Dlink Extreme N card from Ebuyer this week - seems to be well supported, but dont get the new hub until 13th Feb anyway.

Will give it a go.
The other problem could be other wifi networks in the vicinity. There are only 11 channels/frequencies and if you get others nearby using the same channel then it can slow down your connection and sometimes even make it drop out. In most routers ie netgears etc you can force what channel its using but I don't think you can get web or telnet access to the home hubs? Can you see other networks if you browse in Vista? They could of course be set to not publish their SSID so won't be visible anyway...

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