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This is a link to a Yeti team rider on a downhill track, check out 1.23mins, watch the rear wheel as he exits the corner, there is a noticeable kick of dirt that comes up as he forces a drift, can anyone here do that? It's not skidding, I think he just shifts his weight but it looks like you need some serious speed to get the effect, and that means cojones...
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This is not a link to drifting, it is just an idiot kid doing skids... On his Nan's bike... Tit.
Keep it foolish...
I think you just have to shift your weight over the front wheel, which takes most of the weight off the rear and hey presto, you are either quick enough with th steering to controll the slide or exit left (or right) into the closest treeSmile i'v done it plenty of times in the mud, mostly unintentional!

Are you still riding tonight? If so i'll bring those tyres with me.
I had an awesome two wheel drift first time out on the new bike, though I feel it was more an unplanned slide of epic proportions. Still, I didn't hit the floor, so Im figure it counts.

I will be there tonight, but don't ride far with tyres slung acrosss you shoulder, if you are localish i can easily collect them.
Keep it foolish...
If you break your shoulder (no not actually snap, crack or shatter) into a turn the rear wheel claws the bike through the turn creating a slingshot montion and gains speed. The rear tyre digs in and sprays up whatever the surface is... i had never been close to doing it until i rode the 7 stanes in the summer and by the end of the week i was doing it on the way down the Innerleithen red/black route...

I will say it was not due to great technique but rather the fact that you are going so fast you just start doing it...   scary as hell but mind blowingly fun....   anyone for a weekend at Innerleithen and Glentress
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Its all in the way you ride, doesnt sam hill drift alot?

Ive done it before but never on purpose, you can kinda feel it when both wheels lose traction and then all of sudden due to the dirt build up you get your grip back.
I belive its called Cutties, the technique you talk off. i can do small ones at low speed, you need to weight the front and flick the hips.

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