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New Bike Advice (1k budget C2W)

I'm going to make use of the Cycle to Work scheme this month so I have a £1000 budget on a new bike

I ride for fun on trails most of the time, with the occasional bit of road. My current bike is an entry level Hard Tail, it's covered quite a few miles now and I think I'm better off selling it and upgrading while it's still working.

Ideally I would like a light weight Full Suspension bike with a small amount of travel on the back. I don't plan on getting into hardcore jumping but I would like something a bit more robust and capable than what I currently have, without compromising too much on speed/weight.

As I'm buying it through C2W, obviously the bike would need to be on sale via one of the shops that support the scheme. I would prefer buying the bike I choose at a shop fairly local to Rochester but if I can get a really good deal on one of the websites that also support it I might be persuaded to have it delivered.

So far I've looked at these as possibilities, I'm happy to get last years models or ex-demo

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is this a really good bargain??

[mod]link removed at retailers request![/mod]
Apparently last years model got very good reviews?

I heard the Boardman Pro FS is pretty much the best buy for a £1000 budget but Halfrauds only have the 2010 range in Large (I'm medium frame 18) and the 2011 range is nowhere to be seen

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Smile
Wiggle and Halfrauds run their own schemes, are your company using a scheme with this logo?


The Ghost bikes are very nice by the way, was difficult to get a demo on one when I tried though. The Hub in Sandgate stocks Ghost bikes
Have a read of this thread first before commiting to the scheme, there is barely any saving to be had on the CTW scheme now.

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New 11 boardman fs out v.soon, in this months wmb mag I think.

Check terms as the ctw scheme was changed half a year ago and made worse than just buying with usual discount on 0% but perhaps been altered again?
Agree with the above....   0% discount is just as good and you are not restricted.

The new Boardman FS is meant to be very good but with their track record for bringing the full range to market is shocking so it may not appear till Christmas.

You could get a cracking HT for that budget....  
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
I got my bike via the C2W scheme and I say don't do it. Rather spend a little more buy a better bike and get it on 0% finance. There are loads of places that offer 0%. SunsetMTB offer 0% over 2 years. Most offer 0% over 18 months, but if I could go back in time this is definitely the route I would take.
I got an email from Halfords about their 2011 Voodoo range. I only took a quick look but they looked pretty nice. MBNut's comment re. the availability of Boardman's would obviously probably apply to these too though.

Some of the 2010 Voodoos were reduced too actually.
I too went through this assessment process last year when buying my first mtb - through halfords or Wiggle? Our company scheme was locked into Halfords, who could not source the Wiggle bikes nor match the lower prices, so despite better terms under the government scheme last year, I bought an older model at considerable discount through Wiggle. A year later, and I still have no regrets.

If I were buying now, with my slightly better understanding of mtb bikes and how I like to use them, I would buy second hand off ebay where there are plenty of good deals if you are prepared to take your time.
I bought my bike through the scheme and saved a packet and it got me a bike that at the time I wouldn't of been able to afford. That said it's changed now so not as good a savings made these days. If you can't get 0% credit then maybe this is an option but if u can get the credit I'd look at that option.
Thanks for all the advice so far, I had thought of waiting for the new Boardman range but unfortunately I'm impatient hah.

I've just spent about 3 hours going to various bike shops, none of which could recommend a decent full suspension so I've now done a U-Turn and I'm considering a high spec Hard Tail, with the hope that it'll be infinitely better than what I'm used to (Mongoose Tyax Super 2009)

These are the bikes I've been recommended:

Scott Scale 60 2011
Marin Eldridge Grade 2011
Cannondale Trail SL1 2011
Diamondback Apex 2011 (with a an upgraded Pro XCR Monocoque Carbon Riser Bar as this bike was only £900)

In the last shop I went to (Cycles UK Gravesend) the staff were incredibly helpful and offered loads of advice. From the advice I got it seems that the Diamondback Apex is by far the best value for money if I go down the Hard Tail route, would this be correct or did the helpful salesman have a hidden agenda

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