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Giro d'Italia Crash
Not MTB but still a massive accident

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Wouter Weyland came off on a descent and was motionless in the road, being given CPR and a defib. Blood everywhere Very sad. News is thin but its looking grim for him at the moment. Apparently they were descending so fast that the camera bikes were having trouble staying ahead of the lead riders.

EDIT: Sad news is that he has now died. RIP
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Tragic. RIP. Crash sounds horrendous.
Yep was following the thread on STW and twitter Sad
Terrible news Sad We often forget how dangerous this sport is, on and off road. RIP.
RIP Weyland.
Sad, sad day for the sport & obviously family & friends Sad

These grand tours should be so safe, but only takes an odd landing at those speeds I guess Sad
I dont often post on the forum but this has really hit me hard. Since making the move to road in the last 12 months and working as moto escort for british cycling and working on TdF and ToB I can say how well the riders descend. We were shouted at by Russ Downing last year to get out of the way @ 70mph ! This is a tragedy and Woulter was very popular with the other riders and very well respected. I maxed out at 60.9mph in mallorca and that scared me so hats off to the shaved legged variety of riders for their sport.

PS. keep up the good work on the forum, still a good read every now and then and hope to see some of you in some MTB races soon
It always shocks me the speed they go down the mountains around ridiculous bends. They cant possibly remember the whole stage so do they have the team cars radioing to them constantly like a sat nav advising what bends are coming up? Road bikes just dont slow down due to so little tred on the ground so I cant see how they can commit to the cornering on these sort of descents without knowing whats coming up.

Sounds like today was a group crash or a few coming together. I know the footage was on youtube after a few minutes but I refuse to load it as it will make me sick, I hate watching mtb crashes let alone road ones where they have no protection and this of course is even worse...
The teams get issued a flip chart of the days stage, this allows them to see the highlighted dangers of the stage. EG on the ToB i will be given a chart and on it there will be red sections for cattle grids, tight bends speed bumps etc. The riders will also look at the first 10Km of race proper, All descents and the last 5km as this is where most of the "action" will happen. The cars will have sat navs in most of the time and will state if things are getting a bit tight

I know that Cav will use streetview, Google etc for the last 1km to plan his sprint with the lead out man so other riders may conentrate more on tere own role.

Hope this helps
yer ta and sod going over a cattle grid on a road bike!
I've read from various sources that this is definitely something you don't want to see on YouTube, hopefully they've removed any footage of it by now as it's in bad taste.

The speeds they get upto on descents is obscene. Especially given what little stopping power they have. I imagine a 70mph descent would ruin a set of brake pads in no time. That takes some skill to negotiate mountain roads like they do.

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