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New Bike!!!
Well... Sort of.

Its on loan to me and I have 6 weeks to learn how to ride it. Look how awesome it looks!


And its got this amazing double headset system!


Which make it do things like this!!


And this!!!!

Basically my group scout leader has asked me to learn how to ride it in time for our local summer fete at which I shall be riding around making it looks easy and taking money off people to see if they can ride it for about 10 metres without putting a foot down or falling off Big Grin
Lol, it looks lethal! :o
years ago they used to have these at Thorpe Park. They are lethal.
I can ride them - fella had one in tel-aviv steering same as yours but also had to pedal backwards to go forwards - had to get from 1 point to another $5 a go, I watched 1 after the other fall off - had a go won $50.  They thought I was a fighter pilot - lol.  I said im just screwed in the head.  

Its not as hard as it looks, good fun though.
Its not as lethal as it looks, I'm finding the hardest thing is the fact that even once you get you head round the whole wrong way steering thing, as a cyclist I naturally lean when I turn the bars, and that's where I'm finding it difficult. That being said, I am getting on with it very well. Time will tell though :p
They still have them at Thorpe park. Once you learn how to ride it go and win yourself a big toy
You'll be fine with 6 weeks & you'll have bloody good fun too!
The ones at Thorpe Park have off centre hubs to so they go up & down as well as steer the wrong way - hilarious Big Grin
Good luck learning, sure it'll be a grin mate (for anyone watching at least Smile

Might be an idea to learn how to resize images too Tongue Big Grin
I know how to resize but I dont bother, when the page initially loads they are big but the forum automatically shrinks them down lol

But yeah gonna be a massive laugh riding that thing at this fete!
Well not actually a whole bike, but new frame arrived in big box this morning.. No pictures as yet but heres the link to what it is

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;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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