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Vauxhall Owners
I do love a good stereotype and this one sums up Vauxhall owners perfectly. Do not have any drink or food in your mouth when you get to page 2

Going to dry my eyes now
Jesus.... and these people are allowed to drive???.....
[Moved to the non-biking general section]

I have tears in my eyes laughing at that.  What a tool!
oops yer sorry wrong area but ROFL. It could be a wind up but if its real, to ring up the Rspca LOL, if only they had turned up before he posted the photos and was told what it was

The fact that he apparently rung the Rspca has elevated this over the two other classics ive seen, both on the 306 GTi6 forum

1.     The person who thought their car had been stolen when they returned home after walking back from the shops. They later realised they had driven there.
2.     The person who woke up and thought his car had been stolen but later that day found it down the road in a neighbours garden as the handbrake had failed
I like the one about the shops - people are sooo stupid, yet its just the kind of thing i'd probably do...
A friend of mine spent quite a while looking for his beige mini in a multi storey before, then he remembered that he had just resprayed it yellow  Big Grin

Then there was the time in a pub we overheard this flash idiot talking about how he had worked for the Volvo Formula 1 team (never been one)

and I came out with a great stupid comment before. Sat in a traffic jam with my friend, stationary but engine running, I commented on how at least we were getting good mpg due to the low engine revs (think about it)
Big Grin  Oh wow!!!   I was calmly reading until I came to the pics on page 2!!!!   That's probably the funiest thing I've ever seen on a forum!!!
On a related note, there used to be a tame fox that wandered down my parents road every few nights. It would often sit near peoples houses waiting for scraps to be put out and I have a photo at home of my dad hand feeding it! Sadly they dont see it anymore  Sad
Did somebody hand poison the verminous brute?
Keep it foolish...

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