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I was interested in one of these but given the description it seems that I might already be wearing one - I'm just not aware of it. :o

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Like all good waterproof Day-Glo cycling jackets, this will allow you to simmer in your own sweat on your commute to work and enable you to look like a complete pr1ck when you have to wear it around town in your lunch hour.

But what really makes this jacket stand out are its powers of invisibility. Slip it on, get on your bike and you completely disappear. It has to be seen to be believed.

Only this evening, in stationary traffic, I was able to topple onto a car and bang my fist repeatedly on the bonnet before the driver realised there was a presence RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. Even when I shouted she was not able to look upon me – for I was in the mighty invisibility cloak!

The magic moments didn’t end there. Minutes later, riding through Moss Side, a young chap pulled in and opened his car door right in front of me. Bless. My disembodied shouting must have spooked the poor boy, because he and his friend then began hurling random abuse in my general direction, grabbing their crotches (their own not each others’) and waving their arms about in a gun shootin’ stylee. Now, I’m not sure if the jacket’s special powers include bullet proofability. But that worked out well, because as they got back in the car I got the chance to do an impromptu MAX Heart Rate test – big numbers. Cool.

Finally, I put the jacket / invisibility cloak through its paces by smiling at several pretty girls as I cycled past. Nothing. They looked straight through me. Incredible.


If you are thinking of bidding on this cycling jacket / invisibility cloak because you’re a Harry Potter fan, it won’t fit. Because it is an ADULT size. And Harry Potter is for children.

:B :B

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