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Bikes on Ebay
Not that Im looking at buying a new bike this year, but looking for one is a good time-waster.

This came up locally in Maidstone.....

Seems to be quite nice....

Would anyone here buy a bike on Ebay?

Just curious...
I seem to be in the minority, TBH, but I wouldn't buy anything from e-bay personally....  Maybe I'm too untrusting Wink
I buy quite a bit if the price is right etc...

I wouldnt buy anything expensive which could technically go wrong though.

My recent purchases where:

A HUGE tent for £40 (used once)
Aquarium bits and pieces
PC components
Consumables for my business etc - My best purchase was a £500 pneumatic glue machine, the bloke didnt have a clue what it was, I got it for £9.50!

I also sell on Ebay, take over £2k a month selling packaging, so I guess you could say Im experienced in what's legit or not.

Ive had trouble twice on Ebay, I listed my mates old banger Nova for beer money, and the bloke never showed and proceeded to lie and cheat his way out of the transaction.
Second time I had bought a personal mini-disc player which took over 3 months to arrive, and a threat of Police action to get it.

These where one (well two) off's, and are quite rare, the majority of Ebayers are perfectly abiding people, but its always down to the buyer to check that the product theyre looking at and the person theyre dealing with is on the level.  As with most things in life, if its too good to be true, it usually is a snide or scam, so move on.
321 and 100% positive feedback for me

My old Club Roost DH8 came off ebay along with my dmr, blur lt and current 5 spot, you just have to ask questions. I get really annoyed at poor adverts which dont list any info etc. For stuff like bikes you want (if not in the ad) detailed info on any marks, wear and tear and all that and preferably go look if you can. If I ask someone a list of questions and they either dont reply or only answer a couple then 95% of the time I wont bid at all as you dont know what else they  have left out. If they cant be bothered to answer you properly and try and improve their chance of selling then they dont deserve your money

I have had a few idiots either not paying or trying to cause grief or like car parts where they sent the wrong bit then expected me to pay postage to send it back. Fees, especially paypal when selling can be stupid.

With that bike I would want to know why hes selling, what use its had, lots more photos emailed to me of the marks, what are the bearings like, wear and tear on the drive train etc, proof of that rear shock service in case he did it himself and it could have been bodged and so on, best to go look if you can but sometimes you cant. Ive bought about er 6 cars off ebay blind but only with lots of questions up front but they all had a couple of minor issues but I suppose you can get that if you bought from a dealer. You would want to ensure it was going to be sent right so it didnt turn up damaged and he said it wasnt his fault etc
I sell and buy alot on ebay, sold my stumpy frame on there and it had 1000 odd views. They do charge a bit on paypal and ebay but if it was not there i would still prob have a frame to sell.
Thats something I keep missing. Have they moved the "show hits counter" thing? It used to be obvious as it showed a couple of different ones you could select but its not on by default and they must have made it less obvious and I never remember when listing things to hunt for it now which is a shame as its a usual feature to go with the number of watchers
How much did you get for that stumpy frame Mark??
with postage £675 ish. but it cost 125 to send it to Austria..................
£625 that bike went for, why buy new?

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