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Nick learns to bunny hop (properly)
OK so this is quite embarrasing seeing as i've been riding for over a year, but I can't bunny hop on flats.  It's a shocking lack of skill that i need to rectify so today i put my flats on and had a spin round town.  I think i may have got the rear wheel about a mm off th ground once or twice but really it was a pretty cr@p effort.  I can get the front wheel up but then i'm at a loss what to do so usually end up jamming the front wheel back down so it ends up like a little gay wheelie.  Very ungaceful.

I'm going to watch a few skills vids and keep practicing.  I'll let you know how it goes via this thread  8)  Any advice on technique gratefully recieved!!
:o your one stage further then me :B i can get the front wheel up easily but hell its like the back wheel is glued to the ground.

ive been told its all in the wrists ....
Feet... it's all in the feet...  You've gotta hook those feet on the pedals.
Find some flat ground.. Put a small-ish log across it and practice jumping over it... Surely the knowledge that if you screw it up will result in nothing more than a broken nose and yet more injuries to whinge about... Will make you do it..  Tongue

[MOD] /\/\/\ Thats not the most helpfull of advice! [MOD]

Or, how I learn't, was to race across a green area, and just work on the technique in order to jump clean over the path running across the middle, which was about 3 feet in width.
-Took me about 30 minutes to master, and that was about 8 proper attempts.
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
I can't do it either, and it's the one reason why i am sticking with spd's for now untill i can afford to get some 5.10's. I tried loads when i was still using flats but it just looked like i was having some kind of fit while riding along bouncing the front wheel up and down Big Grin Once i get the new bike i might give them another go.
Yeah i know i can hop whenever i like with SPDs but its cheating so i thought i'd try and refine my technique.  It'll take a bit of practice but i'll get there Smile
That video Breeza posted in the vid of the day section confused me even more, as when he bunnyhopped up the kurbs on the town bike with completely flat peddles and wearing flip flops, his feet were completely flat on the pedles ??)  I thought the idea was to scoop up the back end by pushing down and back on the peddles ??)
when you have the front wheel in the air push your arms forward, doing that makes the rear try and follow the path of the front wheel and come off the ground. once you master that then try the scoop with the feet.

Practice trying to just lift the rear and not the front.
Nick, I have found that full sus saps a lot of the power you need to hop, but you can still do it eventually, you need to exaggerate your movement though. Your hardtail is quite long and racey which makes it trickier to hop as your weight is fairly far forwards. i don't know which of your bikes is better set up for hopping, but once you get the technique you will be able to hone it to either of them. The way I do it is to push down on the forks, giving you a bit of 'pop' as they extend, if you don't so this then the 'sag' within the forks steals a bit of your lift. As the forks extend, snatch the bars up towards your chest an drock your weight back, do this a couple of times and don't worry about your feet to begin with. Although you look mental, it gives you the feel for how far you can go without looping over the back. Now do the same but lift your feet, all the stuff about scooping and hooking the pedals up is unnecessary, the power and lift all comes from your arms and wrists. Do it on a kerb or something to give you a target to achieve, I like my bikes to feel quite 'hoppy'  so next time we are out you can have a blast on mine if you want, it might be easier.

The vid posted the other day with the fella bunnyhopping in flipflops shows a different type of technique, notice how his wheels both leave the floor together, almost like a trials hop used for repositioning. Don't bother trying to do this as it's not much help off road but looks good on the flat. You could do this easily on a 3 speed shopper as it is so upright.
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