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What Pump?
After a rather pathetic ride on Saturday around BBH with 2 punctures myself and failed front brake on my mates bike... the annoyance of my LIDL mini-pump finally tooks its toll on me and I wrapped it around a tree.

Now history suggests I should have bought a proper pump at the time, that low and behold a £3 pump from LIDL failed!

So Im now looking for a proper mini pump to go in my camelbak.

Of course I know I could spend £30 on some super-dooper one, but no-doubt someone here knows of a little gem which may not be as much.....?

Ive got my Co2 for now, but for those longer rides I dont mind carrying a standard pump.

Suggestions welcome..
I have a Blackburn Mountain Air pump, had it for 4 and a half years and it has been excellent. It is a mini pump, but it does pack a fair amount of volume and i have had no issues with it apart from the schrader valve bit breaking last year. But i always run Presta tubes so not bothered about that. I bought my GF a new pump for xmas as hers was broken and even though it cost me 20 quid and has a fancy pressure gauge on it it really is total sh!t. The amount of air that comes out the end is a joke and your arm will fall off before you get anywhere near inflating the tire.

The Mountain air requires some elbow grease but gets the job done and i don't mind using it at all on the trail and lately we have had a lot of punctures...

Incidentally i got a shock pump for my forks. If those things can pump so much volume so quickly why don't they make normal pumps as efficient. Or maybe they do and my Mountain Air is outdated and i need to upgrade...
Shock pumps only have a tiny area to fill thats the difference. There are a couple of pumps out there that do both tyres and shocks but are almost useless for tyres. I forget the make of my one but its the best of about 3 ive had and blows up quite quickly. I have co2 now but not used it yet as I refuse to get punctures.
The Topeak Morph is taking my attention, it turns into a mini track pump... although it is £30!  :o

Might just chance my arm with CO2 - I Co2'd a repaired tube on Saturday, the patch was near the valve - I reckon the instant pressure on it blew it somehow, hence my slow flat about 4 miles down the trail!!
There was a big group test in one of the mags a few months back on pumps and they actually gave some useful info like psi after 100 pumps. Always cracks me up when magazines do group reviews and give no relevant info at all, just ooh we liked this one, I want details!!! There have been a load of bar and stem tests recently which again are useless, just list weight, sweep etc, can get that off the web! I recall one in the past where they somehow measured the stiffness with this device twisting them, call me a geek but thats what I want to read about!

Anyway, I will see if I have that mag still, i think I kept it for a while as it had the co2 pump in that I got my sister to buy me for xmas.
topeak mini blaster

two way pump with a pressure gauge and only £15 from halfrauds bargain Wink

comes with a water bottle mount aswell and ive always had this fitted and can say it never has once got in my way
Adsa - track pumps for about £9 woohoo! probably rubbish, but cheap...
Keep it foolish...
Ive gone for the Topeak Mountain Morph - £20 - excellent reviews.

Will post my official review when Ive had a go!

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