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transformers 3
i went to see transformers 3 this weekend and IMO it was absolutely amazing best film in 2011 so far and best thats come out in a while but alot of my friends had mixed messages about it some loved it but others thought it was crap just wondered if any of you guys have seen it ? if so what are your thought's on this beast of a film ???
Yeah i saw it on the day it came out. Thought it was mint. All three films are ace!
good film if you like fighting robots. but spoilt in parts by the over the top "america is the most rightous and best country in the world scenes"
easily the best 3 films of the century IMO
No way. The first 2 were sh!t. They should've been made much more sinister and dark like the style adopted in the recent batman films.
WHAAAAAT  :o :o awesome films nuff said.  Tongue
Not seen 3 yet, but the films are technically stunning, the work that must go into creating them is astounding.

Plotwise they are no shawshank, but a great 2hr movie experience you can take your brain out for.

Megan fox running in slow motion should also be noted.
thought it was amazing,
I think the films are very misleading, ,after watching the 1 st one my kids got a few toys.  We found that they did not change character nearly as slick as the ones on the film.  Also when I inadvertently reversed the car  over transformer bumblebee it crushed into about 15 pieces.  We were led to believe in the films that they were made of more robust material.
ive not seen 1, and only seen bits for 2, hoever i will be going to see 3 soon. The final fight scene is meant to be the most advanced ever filmed?

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