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Is anybody else getting fed up with the amount of foxes around?

Don't get me wrong, i love animals, especially dogs, i love dogs so much i feel like i'm connected with them Wink

I also love the look of a fox, the wild predatory look of the animal facinates me.

However, only 2 weeks ago whilst driving through a council estate in Swanley (rich will know it - Northview), in broad daylight, around 8ish, a pack of small foxes (about 6) were feeding off some food left in the middle of the road, they remained in the road until i was nearly on top of them before moving.

They are no longer scared of humans.

Then last Friday night, whilst driving up Goss Hill (Death Hill) through West Kingsdown i was driving about 55 as there was a car behind me that i didn't know if it was the police or not, and then all of a sudden in my headlights (didn't have full beam on) a fox was standing in the road looking at me whilst his mate darted off to the left, it was too late for me to react, i ran the damn thing over and the car behind me must have finished it off, it startled me and made me swear with anger, for one i ran it over and killed it, and for two it was in the road and could have caused a nasty accident.

Just been out with my dog for his late night walk, and each night (i live near fields) we hear the sound of foxes with the crow like bark, and Sam runs off in to the darkness and then you hear him in the bushes/trees.

Then tonight on the way back from the fields, he darts into somebodies front garden, i wonder what he's up to at first, but then he darts out and i see he's chasing after a fox, i left him at it, to me these foxes need to be put back to where they were 10 years ago, and to feel at threat, maybe then they won't feel so welcome in the neighbourhood.

I was reading an article only a few moments ago about a monster fox culled in Maidstone (link below), and the guy mentions how stray dogs used to keep out the foxes, however now stray dogs are rounded up and taken to a compound, the foxes have taken over the streets.

I should imagine there are some on here that will disagree with my post, and i for one only a few years ago thought it was cruel to fox hunt and cull foxes, however my views have changed over the last year or so seeing how foxes are now on the increase and are taking over the streets, and its only going to get worse in the years to come, especially now that they are left to feed and grow to their genetic potential before dieing of natural causes....

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I was expecting a post about forks!
&quot;jellylegs&quot; Wrote:I was expecting a post about forks!

Or biscuits.
I was reading looking at Zoo Magazine today thinking - damn foxes, why don't we chase 'em?

Seriously though I know what you mean. I have a neighbour who always complains about foxes tearing open her bin bags, yet she still puts them out Sunday night >Sad
The increase in urban foxes is surely nothing to do with the hunting ban. They're adapting to live easier of us.
[quote author=]

Or biscuits.[/quote]

or glacier mints..... ooh where have they gone!
&quot;jellylegs&quot; Wrote:or glacier mints..... ooh where have they gone!

Me on Fox Glacier, but not eating a mint...
I agree.  Only last week a young fox killed 2 of our chickens at 8.15 in the working.  It had been light for almost 5 hours so they should have been asleep!
Big Grin
They were sitting ducks...
Keep it foolish...
Jeezus H, is that 4ft fox photo real? That's a frikkin beast for sure :o

Out in the sticks we're very much in fox territory but rarely see the blighters tbh. Seems they're more prevalent in urban spots than sticksville.
I can't help worryin about our cats being out at night with foxes around, but that's nature I guess.

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