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I've just been bitten by my second tick, a couple of months back I was bitten as well so, as we're all out in the wilds keep your eyes peeled and be aware of the possiblity of tick bites.

Bite 1

I fell of the bike into a load of bracken like a numpty, two showers and one sleep later I discovered a tick on the back of my thigh. It had obviously fed on me as it was well attached and quite swollen. GF removed it carefully using vet skills and it didn't develop into anything more than a bit of a slightly raised red spot, a bit like a zit.

Bite 2

No falling off this time, went for a ride a few days back and now, four days, sleeping and showers later I discover a tick. Hiding on my ass. Like a parasitic pervert ninja. I mean, Jesus! I had been lying in the bath for some time and was able to remove the little beasty myself, which was handy as GF is away at the mo and my neightbours are pleasant enough, but unlikely to engage in any butt parasite shenanigans.

Time to move on to avoid lowering the tone of this supposedly helpful thread any further.

Ticks are nasty little critters. They hang out anywhere deer and sheep do, long grass is their favourite territory and they are very sensitive to us approaching. They love to grab onto any unsuspecting passerby whereupon they will crawl to anywhere that they think is safe, not necessarily staying on your arm or leg and will attach themselves very firmly. They can spread a nasty disease called Lyme disease, you don't want this.

Beware of ticks, don't assume a quick after-ride shower will shift them, they're only tiny but do a good tick check after riding 'cos they're horrible little buggers.

Here's some more info, but nobody mentions one on their ass:

Keep 'em peeled for this...

Keep it foolish...
pah! the tick that attaches itself to my moob in new joisey was ten times bigger than that pidly thing! and I caught it before it got to the main course.

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