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A bit of notice for the next Folwmead event...

The Fowlmead Winter Warmer MTB Series. Registration from 1pm. Race starts at 2pm.

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Quite fancy giving it a go seeing as i have the racing bug now Wink
I found myself with a spare afternoon on Friday, so I decided to spend it at Fowlmeads. 8)
I wasn't expecting great things, but £1 to park (honesty box Wink) and the promise of 'proper' mtb trails had me mildly excited.
The trails ARE flatter than a 15-year old Taiwanese lady-boy >Sad  As some of you know, I'm not exactly a goat on hills, but even I was longing for a climb by the end of my visit.
The trails themselves are quite nicely built with a good variation of off-camber corners, roots, narrow-trees and a couple of, albeit rather tame, drop-ins.
There was a fair bit of mud, but no quagmires, like somewhere else I could mention Tongue
Oddly, for a maintained bike trail, there was no real route markings.  Sometimes I spotted a stick with a single piece of white tape round it and occasionaly I spotted sticks with 2 blue tapes round them.  That was the extent of the markings :Smile  No indication of which way round.   I only saw one other rider there (without a helmet, I might add ??)) and he seemed to ride the opposite direction to me on nearly every section :o  No idea who was right, though.

Would I go there again?  Probably not on my own.  It's probably more fun when trying to overtake/cut-corners to beat each other.

(oh, and there's a tarmac course too Wink  [sub]although even that is flat as the above Undecided[/sub])
We popped to Fowlmead yesterday, and I thought it was nowt special really.
I had a great blast round the 'bmx' style track, and some of the trails through woody bits were a good grin, but I doubt I'd go back again.
As Ade said, it's pretty much dead flat, apart from the odd 3-4ft climb coming out of the woody trails on to the main sections again, and some interesting lumps, bumps & dips in the woody trails.

Felt like I'd covered pretty much everything in about 45 minutes though Sad
I can't work out how they did the summer sizzlers there, just can't picture a race course of any type.
The bmx track is a farce. The races were good however with lots of singletrack, granted no climbs but not much they can do about that. Not much to amuse you with for long on a normal ride though as you found.
I would definately say it's worth racing there Jay before you rule it out altogether... I'm no expert to races, but I always enjoy most of the courses, if not all of it.
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
Fowlmead is one of my local areas. At first I too though it was not much cop and wondered what they had spent 18m on, but it is the type of place the more you go the better it gets. There are a lot of trails that can be strung together to make anything from a 1mile lap to 5 mile quiet easerly. Because it is flat there is no let up on the legs. Its also better with a few people chasing each other around the single track (there is one sketchy down hill but I'll leaave pittgoat to tell you about that). Its not a bad place to ride just different and make a good training ride. Plus you have the bonus of a cafe toilets shower and a free bike wash on site.
EIGHTEEN MILLION? I hope ive read that right?????????  surely it was only laying a few roads, couple of buildings and running some power/water!??
Cheers mate, I would be up for a team thrash there, just wouldn't go back for the heck of it.

They've obviously done what they can with limited funds, I'm sure once we're out of this financial dip they'll get some more funding & improve the place.
Think there's potential there to do a lot more, and once the baby tree's grow up the whole place will look much wilder.

=== edit ===
18 million?? Jeezus H Corbett, they were robbed blind.
£18m spent on decontaminating the place I reckon - its a pit for waste - I doubt no-one can build/live on it, so this is the next best thing.

Jay - you need to join us for a race - it does work! - Ive race 3 times there, and although slow and sweary for most of it, its a good course.

Its actually easy to lose your bearings in there - all singletrack looks the same after a while!

There is very little climbing, theres one double climb of about 20 metres in the races and some short up and overs, but yes thats it.  Which is why the races are hard! - flat out peddling for 1hr!
&quot;Breezer&quot; Wrote:EIGHTEEN MILLION? I hope ive read that right?????????  surely it was only laying a few roads, couple of buildings and running some power/water!??

No that's right a lot of the work is in the sub structure it had to be made stable any run off water cannot go into the water course around the back of the place near the look out there are a couple of lakes planted with reeds to act as filters to clean the run off water plus across the round about there is another area with ponds ect which was going to be a small industrial eastate but the money ran out

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