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Un Blocked smart phone.
So today I dropped my iphone and smashed the screen. It is a work phone so I will get a replacement, however it'll be a old iphone 8GB 3G, the same as the one I broke today. I'm told upgrades to newer models are many months away! So I want to buy a unblocked smart phone so I can use the works O2 sim. I've looked for iphones but they are so expensive. Anyone suggest a phone for me as good but a lot cheaper? I may even take out a contract if the phone is worth it.
HTC Desire S here. loving it. the Google android OS is a pleasure to use after Windows mobile.
Lol dodgy insurance like fraud failure
"Breezer" Wrote:Lol dodgy insurance like fraud failure

pardon? this is the second work iphone ive dropped, the first time I was pissed, today was just walking along the path.
Delibrate to try and get a better one
"Breezer" Wrote:Delibrate to try and get a better one
Incorrect as not insured.

I already new that new phones were a long way away. My boss had her's replaced this week with a just as old crummy 3G from phones work already own.
Is it just the glass screen that's busted or the digitiser underneath?
Easy to sort - can you still use it?

I bought a new glass screen for £6 & spent 30 mins fitting it to my 3GS
Pretty happy with my HTC Desire and now the Desire HD and Desire S are out you might find the second hand prices are dropping
"pittgoat" Wrote:Pretty happy with my HTC Desire and now the Desire HD and Desire S are out you might find the second hand prices are dropping

Yep, I looked on eBay not long after I got my Desire HD and they were down to 250 then, should be cheaper still now.  

If you really don't want another itrendy would your work not just give you a contract sim card if you buy another phone? Oh and not sure if you are aware but Tue iPhone uses a smaller sim card which won't fit in other phones! Another reason to hate Apple.

Edit: Just read your first post again, if you get another phone on contract I'd go for the HTC Sensation. Had a play on Marks last week and it is sexy as, has a dual core possessor, 8mp camera and the widgets rotate on the home screen.... I want it for that alone Wink

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