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Free 42" Plasma Screen
Yes you read it right & yes there is a catch.
It's several years old & it's an LG.
It does work, but has a couple of failed electronic boards which effectively means it only displays part of the picture.

Replacement boards are available & it'll cost in the region of £200 & maybe an hours work to fix.
Obviously there's no guaruntees Wink

A new one would be £350ish, but that would come with a warranty.

I can do piccies, demo & help fix it, but I have no use for it & it'll either end up on eBay or in the tip.
C'mon people!
If nothing else this'll make a great paperweight Big Grin Big Grin
Have you taken it apart? Could just be a few blown capacitors etc or somethings come desoldered
I've had a good look inside, yep!
It's quite a common problem with these PDP's apparently, which is why the boards are available.
Sadly this is a V6.  The V7 repair kit is £60 >Sad

But the fact remains that this thing is too big for most of my rooms & too small for the front room, so it is of no use to me or I'd happily fix it for £200.

The relevant forums all talk about "board failure" & replacing the affected boards completely.
I dare say someone with the spare time & aptitude could isolate th fault on the boards & just replace the component rather than the boards themselves, but since it's no use to me I really can't be arsed.

My BIL left it with me to fix for him, but he wants me to spend the money to fix it & he'll reimburse me if it works - yeah right!

I can get £40 or so for parts - I just thought I'd offer it as a project first.
42" too small for your front room  ??)
"Breezer" Wrote:42" too small for your front room  ??)

You should see the solution to that problem!  ;D
2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
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"Breezer" Wrote:42" too small for your front room  ??)
Our 50" is too small for our front room, the 100" projection screen upstairs is perfect though but projector is broken Sad
"Treehugger" Wrote:Our 50" is too small for our front room, the 100" projection screen upstairs is perfect though but projector is broken Sad

Aw, you poor mite  Wink Wink
50inch pfftt 100 inch pfftt....

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   
"Buzz" Wrote:50inch pfftt 100 inch pfftt....

snap on the canteen chairs at my work too.

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