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What's your team Race Strategy?
As poll above!
Sorry, haven't read the details properly... how long is an below average lap?

Based on 2008, the lap was approx 8 Miles, and lap times varied from 35mins to 1hr+

Our team where discussing doing 2 laps at a time, but personally, I dont think it will work, especially at night.
Personally my team strategy will be to sabotage the other team sketchys bikes
24 divided by 4 is 6 so technically we each need to ride for 6 hours. I reckon the best way would be to do 2 3 hour stints, but break them up quite a bit. So you ride for 3 hours, have 9 off and ride for 3 hours...surely we can do 3 laps in 3 hours. Whats the course like, it didn't look too tricky in the video.

Give it your all for 3 laps, sawp and now you have a good break recovery time.

Of course this might be smoke and daggers and shit strategy to out the other teams off. (But seriously i reckon 3 laps each is cool Ben)
I reckon to do 2 laps during daylight and 1 lap at night. There should only be about 6 hours of darkness,
Dont Discuss team tactics infront of this rabble Rou...  Wink

I can imagine some cheeky skullduggery and crucial PM's are flying about the teams as I type this....

This is my proposed team outfit.....


No-one will know its us!

and I bet one Mr Impished is hacking our PM inboxes and downloading our race schedules too!!  Smile
"Longjon" Wrote:I reckon to do 2 laps during daylight and 1 lap at night. There should only be about 6 hours of darkness,

Thats bang on to what I thought to be honest.

1 lap at night will be better for batteries for those with less capacity lights plus natural tiredness would start creeping in (I imagine)

Who fancies sitting around for 9 hours while some sweet singletrack and the occational lycra clad fit bird flys past me you?  I would imagine for sanity alone, 1 or 2 laps at a time is the ideal method, plus it would mean someone ONLY rides in the day or night, and not both - gotta sample both worlds I expect??

Im gonna ring Mclaren and Ferrari HQ's to borrow their race strategy software........ Wink
Can you do half a lap?
"Legless" Wrote:Can you do half a lap?

Lol i imagine not!

I reckon 1 or 2 laps in the day and 2 laps at night - realistically that'll be 2 hours tops at night and means you can rest for the whole rest of the night.  Personally i'd rather ride between, say, 2 and 4 am than once at midnight, again at 4 and again at 8...  Doesn't leave a lot fo time for sleep.

1 lap in the day would keep everyone involved in the race but its debatable whether 2 laps in the day might lead to better results due to less changeovers.

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