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Best Bodge-Job's
Let hear you best bodge-jobs here....Whether it's the old stick-for-a-brake-lever-bolt or folded-beer-mat-for-table-leg let us all know.

You never know when your bodge-job might come in handy Wink
Riding near Reading on my placement year about er 12 years ago (omg), due to my IMMENSE power I managed to snap a granny ring bolt which then bent the ring about an inch!! Not having any pliers or crank extracting tools I was forced to remove the other bolts and tie it sitting on the frame by the bottom bracket using the strap from my friends sunglasses and did the rest of the ride with middle/outer only

In a similar area, up on the South Downs my friend managed to somehow bend some teeth on his middle chain ring riding on the bridleway on his 2nd ride out on his new Trek. Some abuse with a rock later and it was fine and has been for 2 years since heh.

On another ride up there, almost in the same place, my friends, friends son (!) came along on his 5000 year old bike with perished tyres with then got a big rip in the sidewall so the tyre popped out and burst. I had a spare tube in its cardboard box so we put that inside the tyre where the rip was to cover the gap, fitted the new tube and fine for the rest of the ride.

Never done it but if you run out of spare tubes or puncture kits etc then a bodge to get you home if you are careful is to fill the tyre up with grass to pack it out a bit and ride home slow and smoothly!
I've never had to bodge my bike, but had to bodge myself up when younger....

Typical teenager, riding with no lights on thinking I was cool on the road, hit a exposed drain cover and I went straight over the bars into broken glass! (lucky ay?)...

I sliced a chunk out of my wrist which REALLY bled, wasnt a vein, but looked like it!

Quick-thinking McGuiver style, I whipped of my shoe and tied my SOCK around my wrist tightly to stem the flow and limped home feeling very sorry for myself!.

Lesson learned!  Sad
Poxy drain covers, bit off topic but I hit a submerged one before that I didnt see due to poor lights and I landed on a gravel road, ended up in A&E getting stiches in my elbow (my friend thoughtfully pointed out that he could see my bone..), my side and hands patched up, both wrists badly sprained as well

This was around midnight and I was riding home from the pub but I had barely drunk anything (cough........ learn by your mistakes...)
ive bodged jobbed myself plently of times  8)

the most painful was at PORC managed to have the most embarrasing collision with a tree ever resulting in my knuckle being dislocated, was only early on the day and not wanting to ruin a good day riding for my mate i plucked up the courage to pop it back in :o i must say im never doing that again, the single most painful thing you could ever imagine.

still went down to A&E later though to have it checked out, was told i did a brilliant job Big Grin but next time to let them do it, something about trapping some serious stuff :Smile

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