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Brake rotors
I have standard XT rotors like these <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... odelID=756</a><!-- m -->

but want to know can i fit these? <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... f8978b5cbf</a><!-- m -->

or these <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... elID=39007</a><!-- m -->

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... elID=67197</a><!-- m -->

and whats the different with floating rotors??

OOOhhh and i have saint callipers.
you wont notice any difference with floating rotors except perhaps in the alps, unless you are going up a size. As for if they will fit it depends mainly on what hub you are running and the width of the carrier on the disc. Hope floating rotors for example only fit when bolted to hope hubs if you are using them with Fox 36 forks, thats probably not strictly true there may be some hubs that are narrow enough to be compatible but the majority wont work as the carrier catches the brake post mount on the fork (being more than twice as thick as a standard disc, tolerances are tight just check how much room you have already). You will just have to buy them and try them, just make sure the rotor is clear of the post mount before you bounce on the forks and try and ride along!
Floating rotors lighter than Hopes saw solid ones for same size so dont forget to adjust suspension to take this into account
Lighter (slightly), Less chance of warping, and they look bling! Bling is really the best reason to fit them.
I have the new floating XT's on the Scalp and they look flipping gorgeous, haven't rode the bike since fitting them though so can't yet comment on performance. I had to fit an extra washer to the shim stack for the carrier to clear the rear caliper but they will be fine with your Saints.
Waste of money, you wont notice any difference.
&quot;Buzz&quot; Wrote:Waste of money, you wont notice any difference.

Ok but its lighter and bling bling.....  Missed you  Wink
Buzz: Next you will be saying that Marks cornering no quicker despite his new massively stiffer tapered headtube!

Big Grin
I fitted the hope ones to my 2010 stumpy and had no issues with rubbing. I had two reasons. 1. My back break was making a terrible nosie and I had tried everything else and it worked 2. They look great.

I have noticed that they seem to stay  true and I do not seem to get as much break rubbing as the avids I had before.

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