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Thieving Bast*rds
Brought the wife and kid up to North Wales for a few nights away, staying in Chirk jut off the A5.  Brought our bikes to ride Coed Brenin, Landegla and a few other local routes.

Thought that this is a nice quiet area, so I left our bikes on the roof of the car attached by the Thule 591 system, parking right next to the front f*cking door of the hotel.  Woke up in the morning and my bike had dissappeared!  Been knicked......but they left the wife's surprises there(!)

Police weren't interested really as "there's no blood or CCTV" and the night porter saw nothing....yeah right(?)

So now I'm a bike down and the Thule 591 roof rack is knackered too, which I bought for this little trip.  It maybe covered on the house policy but without the documents I don't really know.

Brenin in the rain was bloody awesome though!
next time you will remember to leave the wife and kid strapped to the roof and take your bike inside!
theiving b@stards, check ebay and gumtree, inform police if you can trace it.
Keep it foolish...
You mean.

"It is a nice quiet area, and people leave their bikes on the roof of their cars only attached to a Thule 591 system."

What bike was it?
Post some pictures. There's plenty of eyes on here.
Sorry for the delay in replying but I've had not internet for a few weeks!

The bike wasn't insured at all; not covered on anything.  I had a good hunt on ebay / gumtree from my iPhone but couldn't see anything.  I reckon it was the local herberts.

It was only a GT Avalanche and cost £400 last year but it was all the tools I'd left in the toppeak bag, that really pissed me off, and the fact that I'd gone all that way to Wales to use the bike and only only got one day's ride in!

Oh, I went to Llandegla the following day to hire one of their bikes for the day but they wouldn't let me as I didn't have any photo id on me!  What a nightmare!!

The Thule system seems to be intact though, its not damaged like I first thought which is a good thing.

Suppose I better start looking for a new bike.  Trek 6000 or Mondraker Finalist Pro?
The Mondraker is a 'proper' bike, the Trek is really a first 'entry' level bike. Assuming the Trek is £650 from £800 (cant find any discounted more than that) and the Mondraker is £700 reduced from £1000 then i would say its pretty obvious what you should buy.
You are getting more bike for your money with the Mondraker, the difference in RRP may only be £200 but at that price point it does make a huge difference.
Yea, I think you're right; the Mondy.
If they are your choices the Mondraker is the one....

As for your bike being stolen...  I can recommend the best anti theft bike lock out there.....  It's called no lock, it means you are never tempted to do anything daft like leave your bike anywhere.... I have been riding top end bikes for over ten years and never had a problem.... well one but that was slightly different.

Enjoy the Mondraker
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
I must admit I'd never trust a bike carrier lock. As bertie mentioned earlier, the lock on the rack seems to be ok meaning they got the "locked" bike off the carrier without damaging the lock... great lock  :o

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