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Trek or Ghost
I am thinking of getting a full sus and taking advantage of the offers on the 'old' 2011 bikes in stock. I have been looking at the Fuel Ex 8 and 9, but have just seen some deals on Ghost AMR 5900 and 7500. Spec's look almost the same between the brands and models, so, which is better, only one way to find out................fight ? , no, ask you lot  Smile  Prices only vary by about £100 , so price isn't an issue.
Magic Question Kev.

IIRC all scored pretty much perfect 9 or 10 outta 10, so all will be amazing, just go for the best you can afford (EX9 or 7500).
You really need to test ride the final choices, you might find the Trek/Ghost geometry just doesn't feel right for your dimensions.

The Trek's have always had rave reviews and the 2011 models were apparently even better than previous, they also have a decent longevity record.
Ghosts got abso rave reviews, but being new to UK nobody was sure how well their bearings & linkages would survive UK conditions.

It's all about the test ride, and of course which is more appealing to your eyes/brain Smile

Quench at Bedgebury have Ghost's you can hire for an hour or 2.
Larkfield cycles are a Trek dealer, and Paul should be able to sort you out with a test ride, certainly worth a call mate.
Cheers Jay, I have ridden an Ex 8 and it felt alright, although it was a size down from what I needed. I would be happy with either an Ex 8 or 9, but  sizes are running out at the moment, so I am not going to be too set on either. Good call on Quench though, but be worth a try.
Finally bought a Trek Fuel Ex 9 from LBS and got a  good price on a 2011 model, and absolutely love it. Done a couple of days at Afan, awesome, and going back to llangdegla next month. Can't wait to feel the difference from my Cube HT ( which handled it very well actually )
Smile Smile Smile
Nice one Kev, EX9's are rather lush ;D Sure you'll love it to bits.
If you don't mind me asking, what kinda price did you pay?
Yeah, I'm well happy with it. £2100  Smile  Ã‚£700 off list price in the Sale, not worried about a 2012 model. Did the same with my Cube HT 2010 last year £350.00 off.  
Just realised with man maths I've got £1050..... Cool  8)
Great price mate, nice bargaining & perfect man maths too ;D

Did you keep or sell the HT?
Gonna keep the HT and prob put road/trail tyres on it, can't imagine wanting to ride anything bumpy with it now, unless for a back up.

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