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Internet Explorer 8 (RC1)
OK, so I do understand it's a release candidate, so problems can be expected, but....

...has anyone tried the new IE8?

Some real weird 'features' and broken rendering.
Microsoft are a strange company...  You'd think with all the employees/beta testers/ca$h/market share they'd be able to do better than Mozilla have with their free FireFox...  

please feel free to flame away Tongue
i refuse to touch anything with IE in the name,buggy,security flaws and slow  Big Grin, get a proper browser, get firefox Wink
"TooYoungToKnow" Wrote:i refuse to touch anything with IE in the name,buggy,security flaws and slow  Big Grin, get a proper browser, get firefox Wink
Exactly why I've got FF on 2 laptops, 3 times on 1 desktop (2 x Linux, 1 x xp)
That fact that MS were the main pushers of the open xml standard as used in Office 2007 etc but then don't even conform to there own standards says it all really. Thats why somethings don't show quite right in Open Office 3 if you open Office 2007 documents in it but thats not OO's fault

I don't use IE at all let alone a pre release with out at least 1 service pack, why not just go out and hand over your hard drive, bank details, life, bikes etc to the first person you see in the street  Big Grin
I cant stand IE. I have Firefox, Opera and Safari and i think Safari is best at the moment. Seems to open pages a lot quicker and get a lot less broken images and links. Although a couple of times lately it has hung up for about 2 minuets after clicking on a link?
Its probably off taking money from your credit card to give to Apple  Big Grin
Looks like the worldwide auto update of IE8 is finally hitting peoples Vista... and may I extend a big thanks to Bill Gates and his staff for properly f*cking me over by your somewhat WORSE browser of all time?

Your so called "modern" browser ruins my website...

Thank god there are some clever people out there who write code and fixes to work around your god-awful program as without them I would be losing customers along with many thousand of other companies.

Just so you know, some of the top shopping software programs out there no longer function correctly in IE8 - ensure you have firefox thats all I can say.

I can quite gladly say my site is now fixed as it tells IE8 to run as IE7 - hey presto everything works.

Never had one problem with Firefox.
They never conform to the standards. The other classic example is open xml as used in Office 2007. They were the principle pushers for this and wrote most of the standard. Along comes Open Office 3 which now supports open xml fully and guess what, Word documents sometimes dont appear "right" in its Word Processor so the naive people blame Open Office. Of course the simple fact is that MS are so 'kin useless they dont even conform to THEIR OWN standards

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