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Front Lights
Hi All,

Looks like I'm in need of some front lights if I want to ride out in the evenings, so after some helpful advice on here I've been looking at the Hope offerings. I've set myself a budget of around the £250 mark.

I like the look of the Hope Vision 4 LED and (more so) the Hope Vision R4 LED Endurance, but it appears that the R4 isn't readily available for a month or so. Am I right in thinking the R4 is a newer model?

Is it worth waiting for the R4 to come into stock? Anything else I should be considering?

That's a good budget. My recommendation would be that you buy two lights. One for the handlebars and one to mount on your helmet.
I have a Hope 2 up top which is excellent. On the bars I use a Chinese Magicshine...available from eBay or Dealextreme very cheaply. Both have served me faultlessly and the total costs was less than 200 quid.
There are lots of other excellent lights out there so expect lots of recommendations....
Glad the buget is about right. Do most people ride with a head mounted light then? Hypothetically speaking, if you were going to ride with either a helmet mounted light or a bar light, which would you plump for?
If you only have one light (as I do) it must be helmet mounted.

I have a hope four and personally I find it over kill. Very rarely use it on full power.

You will have to go a long way to beat Blackers set up. Although a really good, non wired, helmet light would be preferable.
So where does the Hope 4's battery mount to when used in a helmet mount configuration?

The fact you find a single Hope 4 overkill is good news though - sounds like I'll be going a similar way.
It normally sits in my camelbac, the lead is long enough. Lately though I ave tried with it zip tied to the back of my lid. It is heavy but I feel that out ways the convenience of being about to take my helmet of with out forgetting the lead is there. I believe the hope 2 battery is half the size (weight) of the hope 4. Not sure about battery size for the ebay light though.

This is why I suggest a really good self contained light for the helmet. Not sure on the best light for price combination in this area though.
This is my personal opinion, but I find having two lights excellent. the bar light i use throws out a wide spread and illuminates the trail ahead. the helmet light points wherever I want it to. which is really handy for cornering where you need to be looking at the exit of the corner. a bar light only would not do this as it would always just shine in front of the bike.
Battery location for a helmet light is also rather personal. I find that by having the light on the front and the battery at the back of the helmet balances the helmet nicely. others use a long lead and have their battery in their backpack.
If you can borrow lights from somebody you can experiment and see what suits.
I use a Magic shine 3light version( 1400 lumen supposedly) on the bar which provides a good flood of light for £100 and then a hope vision 1 on my hat. I find the vision 1 works well as it has quite a focused beam that throws a long way. It a bit heavy with the batteries built in but then it has no cables which I like.

You would not go far wrong starting off with 2 of these

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For under £70 for the 2. 900 lumen each and if you do not like night riding its not a big hit.
I think it a very presonal choice as I prefer my main light on the bike and have an lower power LED torch based light on my helmet powered by rechargable AAs (sounds painful  ;D)
Well all the replies have been really useful, it would seem that the real question should have been what type of light to get rather than what actual unit is best!

I've decided to keep my options open and gone for an Exposure Diablo Mk3 - it's designed as a helmet mounted light and is a cable free design, but also gives me the option to mount it to the bars should I want to with their seperately available clamp.

It'll get me riding in the evenings at the very least and gives me the option to upgrade to a combination of helmet and bar lights in the future at some point  Smile Oh, and it came in well under my £250 budget!

Thanks for all the advice!

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