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Bespoke shed makers
Morning All

As I've (finally) the decking I can now look at getting a shed sorted out.  I'm after a 10x6 pent roof affair with the door on one of the 6ft ends  and the roof going length ways low to high.

Has anyone done anything similar or can recomend a company?
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This any good Undecided
Got mine from here..... <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
Went with the Oregon
As boring as it sounds I was thinking about sheds today. Will bikes be kept in it? After the discussion about whether expensive bikes should be allowed in the house, I was thinking it may not be a bad idea if you could get a shed where you could securely anchor a bike to the floor, Some kind of metal floor/post or similar.

If you're building one and storing bikes in it, it might not be a bad idea to look into the cost/practicality of sticking some kind of secure anchor point in there.
&quot;Tinc&quot; Wrote:This any good Undecided

Cheers for that Tinc thats just about what I've been looking for, shame its a little over budget (£500).  I'll give them a bell tomorrow and see whats they can do though.  I'd also been told about one on the Medway City Estate but cant seem to find it listed, will have a scout over there tomorrow.

The Johnsons ones look lovely but dont seem to fit my size and well over budget.

Bikes will be stored in there as Mrs Stayhigh has declared that 4 years with two of them behind the sofa is more then enough.  I've been thinking of ever elaborate and cunning security measures for a while now to stop people getting in and to make it as difficult and time consuming to get them out.  Sunken buckets of concrete and steel bars being foremost in my thinking along with ground anchors, cable locks, padlocks, more padlocks, alarms, razor wire, machine gun post etc etc Wink
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
Give me a shout when you've got it sorted & need anchors.
I have a collection of cast steel eyes Wink
if you want bespoke on a budget then make your own one
Got mine from tigersheds, fully customisable and solid

I went for double doors on one end, a wise choice I've since found.
&quot;Wideload&quot; Wrote:if you want bespoke on a budget then make your own one

2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
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+1 for Southern Sheds (Tinc Link) mate, they're at end of the road opposite MacD's on medway city estate, nice guys too.

Our new shed in Rochester came from them, £200 delivered & built 5x6 ft, no grief or leaks at all in 2 years, think they're guaranteed for 5 years or something too.

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