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Forza 4
Demo finally out. Currently being annoyed by the Zonda rivals challenge, only in top 7k out of 200k, wont be satisfied till top 2k at least, just cant work out where im losing 6 seconds (!) when im doing perfect laps, so hard not to run wide and have the time voided though

edit: 4,391  getting there
I'm almost tempted to get an XBox just for Forza, looks very good.
PS3 is where its at........
Yes if you want worse versions of games ie COD etc! I had one for a while which I bought just got GT5 but that annoyed me with its slow menus, dodgy inconsistent graphics etc so I eventually sold it and picked up another xbox.
Hit my limit, fixed setup in this demo so I cant tailor the handling to my driving style. 4,256 out of 460,494  not happy but will have to do. Game due on Friday woo
The forza games have always taken my fancy but always been a PS boy. But GT5 really bores me and is no FUN. 360's are real cheap so am thinking of a sneaky purchase this weekend (Wife away Fri-Sun).

Breezer, a few questions.

a - if I want HDMI out do I have to get a slim version?

b - do they all come with enough hard disk space to get going on a game like forza?
Ive owned an xbox then a 360 then a ps3 then another 360. I sold the first 360 to get the ps3 soley for GT5. Had all the Forza games. GT5 was good but I found that I didnt play it for as long as Forza as it had to many little niggles such as with the graphics, lack of setup changes (couldnt even buy better brakes?!) and I got SO annoyed with the slow menu system.

Multiplayer wise I only really did that with Forza 3 and when it was about 6 months old so all the n00bs had gone. I hate being rammed off the track but by 6 months old it was only the better drivers and I had some incredible races (did the same with rallisport challenge 2 on the original xbox). I will probably do the same with F4 as I also hate sitting around waiting for races to start, no patience!

I believe all xbox's in the last couple of years have had hdmi. A 20gig one is probably just about sufficient but you only get 12 gigs free on it. Problem is the older ones didnt have wifi unless you had the elite one iirc and they were noisy as hell! Even the latest slim you can still hear the fan and the dvd drive is like a jet engine but obviously installing it to the hard drive eliminates that except initial check as you start the game. The earlier ones were also more prone to dying from the red ring issue, mine did after 2.5 years and was replaced for free (with same model, not a newer upgrade) so I wouldnt risk an older one second hand unless its just been fixed

This   suggests that only the current Slim ones have wifi built in. This is important as they fleece you £40+ for a usb wifi dongle otherwise! Its only a generic £10 one but as its locked down, its the only one that will work ie you cant use some random PC one! That says the slim has been out since July last year so should be able to get a second hand one for decent price, 250GB. Hmm looks like may be talking £150 odd or more on ebay. Dont get a 4GB as you cant install games plus I think it has a cut down Live interface and certainly no room for downloading demos etc

Comparing GT/Forza. GT looked a bit more "real" but I think overall Forza is better purely because its 100% smooth. You dont have night (I dont think) and definately not rain/weather in Forza but thats not bothered me to much. Car choice is mad. I cant wait to get another Intergra and just lap the ring constantly, I was even thinking of making my own chair/wheel setup last night heh

Games like COD etc are smoother on the 360 despite it being technically slower, PS3 harder to program on. Bear in mind with Xbox you can download demos etc for free but if you want to play online you need a Gold Xbox Live account which is about £32 a year if you search online for cheapest
Actually been looking around, some very good deals on the slim 4gb and looks like they take a standard 2.5" drive as an upgrade now. That would then be the same? ( I have a spare 250gb drive sat at home).

It needs to be a slim for hdmi but more important I need the digital optical out.
Google suggests its possible but not something ive ever read about. Need to make sure it doesnt require unlocking the 360 or whatever they call it which could lead to it being banned from Live. I know my friend upgraded his on his old 360, needed some sort of cable, couldnt just plug it in to a PC and use that I dont think
So looking like I need a slim, so no chance of a cheap £60 job from ebay. Oh well have to stick to GT5.

I currently connect the PS3 to the projector using a 10m hdmi cable, its easy to swap to a 360 but can't run more leads found the room.

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