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lights please
Ok ok, break the " I have no lights rule as wont ride at night" & going to get some.

Though I have paid zero interest in any light discussions in the past so can a someone with "the knowledge" here please save me the pain of looking & reading all the reviews.

Just tell me what to get, nice & simple.  light for the bike, light for my head.  Mid price range circa £200.
Everyone on here will say Hope despite them never coming out top in any mag tests etc but as they are above your price range not really relevant heh. If your eyes work I would get one of the new magicshines, I forget the exact model, its in this months WMB, 4xXPG one, £100 or just over.

Hang on, do you mean one on the bars and one on your head? That makes it more tricky/costly....

This one  not sure how you helmet mount, google.... Wouldnt do it right on the helmet as all lights get hot, needs something to hold it off
looks good that one - could have it for bars & get a joystick for the hat.

comes in about the 200 bucks area.

Shouldnt lose too much on ebay a month later.
Joystick not that bright, the Diablo on medium is pretty much the same and so similar 3 hours but gives you the option of running it at full whack for the twisty bits when it would be as bright as mine on max. Depends how wide the beam spread is in real life on the magicshine. Although all the mag tests have photos, they all random, some look like they have far more light and wider spread than others but not marked as high. MS does seem to have a wide spread though so could work well on the bars, mine however is no good once you start turning but im going to try a different diffuser and then perhaps get a diablo for my head as well to avoid the faffing with cables etc

Dibs on buying when 1 ride old  Wink
Is the Diablo wire free?

Guess I can google that actually.  Would rather the one on the head not to need a battery pack separate.

Sure - you can have at knock down 1 ride old & fell off in the dark bargain price.
Yes but lot of money actually and the joystick isnt far off, both £150+ so maybe better with 2 magicshines or just run one on your head which would be enough and use a camelbak for the battery
I run an old Magicshine on the bars and a Hope Vision 2 on my helmet. Which cost a little under 200 quick and is more than enough light for me.
Re. Hope lights...the reason lots of us use them is because we can get them at a good price , coupled with the fact that they work very well and even if they do go wrong Hopes legendary customer service "guarantees" they will put right problems.
I also have the Hope battery pack on the helmet too and don't find it too weighty. I've done 2 sits with this set up and an Insomnia in fact.
Point being there are other uk manufacturers like Use and Lumicycle who's products normally always rate higher plus in the case of the latter, never go wrong and have been making lights for much longer. Selling something on the grounds of they fix it quickly/cheaply is not a great selling point as it shouldnt go wrong in the first place. You have not ridden with the battery pack on your head either, it was an illusion created by having too large a wheel size ignoring the fact this was when you had proper sized ones.

Saying that the new R4 thing does look good as its so small!, shame it still has no battery readout at all so is unusable imo as a main light (unless ive misread and it does have some sort of led)
My Hope has never gone wrong. And I don't worry about what will happen if it ever does!  Tongue
I dont get the mag reviews. very weird way of rating. mbuk eatd one very highly yet in the beam shot I'm not sure they even had the thing switched on!
Going by real world usage, you wont go wrong with a Magicshine and a Hope2 for your bonce - and as Blackers points out, "should" be around budget.

Hopes come with all the accessories you need around them, AND they work and dont fail - the fixtures are very well built, as are the lights themselves.

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