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Newbie needs a MTB!
Right then chaps, I am in need of some advice! I have not really ridden since I was younger and Muddy Fox ruled the roost lol!

I have been looking in to getting a bike for commuting to work and also going for a quick blast through the woods and trails.

My budget is around £400 and I have kind of fallen for the Scott Aspect 45 2010.

Is this a decent choice for someone entering back in to the MTB world?

Also... the problem is, stock is low and they only have a medium. I am 5ft 10 1/2 so would this size be too small?

Any reviews on the Scott would be grand, and any alternatives for around £400.

Thanks people!
Hi Jay

Welcome to the forum. I used to ride a Muddy Fox Courier Comp back in the day! I still cringe to think I jammed it into a wheelie bin  Sad

The Scott looks ok. But this looks better I think

More gears, a better fork with 20mm more travel and possibly better in other little ways.

If you go and find our Bargains? thread, I posted a discount code earlier which will get the price down to £400 (20% off).

Second hand is also worth considering too. You can pick up some fantastic bargains on the singletrackworld forum for example....

If you do go second hand seek guidance here before committing.
Thanks for the tips! Will have a look at the bargains!
And go take a look at the Voodoo if you have a Halfords that stocks them locally. They are really nice looking bikes.
Welcome Jay, well done for taking the leap from CS  Wink You'll get much better advice on here  Smile
Budget may be slightly less than thought. Is the voodoo model down any good? <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... &langId=-1</a><!-- m -->
&quot;JayX2A&quot; Wrote:Budget may be slightly less than thought. Is the voodoo model down any good? <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... &langId=-1</a><!-- m -->

are you taking into account the 20% discount code I mentioned up there ^
Yeah matey. I think I have just over 300 which would get the voodoo I posted with your handy code!
Had  quick look at the Voodoos this evening, but still prefer the Scott (which I know I shouldn't!). Only touble is there is only the last few remaining of the Scott bike and no Large, but there is medium.  

Could any Scott riders let me know there height if they have a medium? Does anyone know what a Scott medium is in inches?

Ive just had a quick read through some reviews and comments elsewhere on the web. The general feeling with the Scott seems to be that its a good frame with not so good kit. But at this price level thats not a bad thing, as you can upgrade tyres, forks, drivetrain, wheels etc as and when they wear out and whenever you see a bargain.

As for size, I would think Medium would be your size at 5'10". Is this from a local shop or online? You can always fine tune fit by making small adjustments the saddle position, bars and maybe even a shorter or longer stem.

Do you have a helmet and gloves?

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