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So what do you all do for a living then? I work for the largest central heating company in the South East and I am there I.T Supervisor
So many geeks in such a small corner of the net Wink

I work for a large fruit/veg haulage firm.  I sit reading SketchyMTB all day do general IT-type stuff and write lots of VBA programs for Excel to make everybody elses life easier... except mine :o
Yeah I know that feeling. If I didn't have internet access at work I am pretty sure I wouldn't still be working in IT  :B
I work part time for these muppets:
And I do this:
And I hope soon to be part of this lot:
And I study this:
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
Im a packaging designer....

Designed and patented this:>


And now sell thousands of them a week all around Europe.

Now in my 3rd year of business, looking to expand to gain new customers.
im a sixth form student studying Biology Chemistry and Computing hoping to etiher be a vet or something in computing or if that all cocks up firefighting

like jon i work for an online shopping company who are also muppets called sainsburys
Im a Transmissions Broadcast engineer also a Master control room engineer , i work in Satellite transmission mainly but do lots of other things aswell which i wont bore you with.
I am A DOM (Delivery Office Manager) for the Royal Mail.
I have 30 staff and a operating budget of £750,000 a year.
"Deadpool2e" Wrote:I am A DOM (Delivery Office Manager) for the Royal Mail.
I have 30 staff and a operating budget of £750,000 a year.

Thought you'd put your salary in there at first glance Mark Wink

My job title is the staggeringly vague "scientist"...  I work in pharmaceutical development, specifically finding ways to determine impurities in novel compounds and supporting regulatory filings.  I've never found a succinct way to describe what i do as it can be quite varied, but anyone familiar with chromatography would have a basic idea of my job in its simplest form.

My job role is supposed to be lab based but i seem to spend increasing amounts of time at my desk which suits me fine as i can tune in to all my latest music podcasts!!
My job is so crap and boreing i can't bring myself to go into it on here, lets just say i'm a wite van man in a dieing trade thanks to the government implimenting the smoking ban! I have always been slightly dyslexic and have a poor attention span, so did utter crap in school, as you can probably tell by reading most of my posts on here:B

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