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Hydraulic Brakes
Quad Axis Hydraulic Front brake.

Tried to change the pads today but made the schoolboy error of knocking the brake lever a few times (grabbing it a few times to stop the toppling over....) and now the [**the part that pushes pads on the rotor??**] is to far out to get the pads nor the rotor back on!

I assume I now have to bleed the whole system to release the pressure to move the [**watsthisbitcalled**] out the way to get the pads and rotor back in?

I've downloaded the service sheet off the web but that just guides me to replace the fluid, which I'll have to buy.

Any ideas please?!
Gently squeeze the pistons back in with a tyre lever / flat bladed screwdriver / back of a spanner. They'll go back in
Pistons!!  Well done, that's the name!

Pittgoat - do I need to undo anything 1st to release the pressure?  

(I've never had to deal with this before so its virgin territory for me)
no need to worry about pressure, just give a gentle squeeze back with a lever against the piston
Keep it foolish...
Gentle is the key word....  Gentle pressure and they'll move nice'n' slow...
Put the old pads back in as soon as there is space to do so.  That'll stop you damaging the pistons & it makes it easier to ensure the pistons go in square.
It's important to remember that this is about pressure rather than brute force.
DO NOT expect the pistons to pop back in with one quick tweak - they won't.

If you apply pressure & maintain it you'll find they glide slowly back into place.
Applied pressure, slow & controlled is the way.
Nice one lads - I think I can rescue this.  I'll let you know how I get on!
Stuck a small flat screwdriver in and gently applied pressure.

"Pop and click" and the whole piston moved back about 70% with little resistance.  I think something gave.

Anyway I continued pushing the piston back in and got the both pads back in.  Put the wheel/rotor back on to.....job done, I thought...(!) but there is now no resistance from the brake lever and zero stopping force.  

There is oil around but I can't find the leak, the hoses are intact and I didn't undo anything to release it.

Perhaps there was originally an brake fluid leak, causing a loss in braking force, making me think the pads were worn hence this little project.

First try taking wheel back off pump the lever slowly a few times till the pads are about 3mm apart then push them apart with a plastic pad spacer. Put the wheel back on pump the lever a good few times. Also have you ever bleed the brakes?
NO, never bled the brakes, never thought the need.  They were excellent (and the rear one is still great)

(I've given up and called the Mobile Bike Mechanic before I 'brake' anything else.)  

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