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JE James Cycles...
Anyone else used them?

Orders seem to take forever to arrive, but they are cheap.

I guess we are too privelaged by the likes of Wiggle and CRC who seem to get instock orders out very quickly and keep you informed on progress.
I have just about had it with CRC as so often they dont send stuff out straight away, i have been waiting 2 days for them to cancel an order for something that was due in stock but now isnt and due to their unbelievably sh1te order system, you cant cancel it. I mean in this day and age, to not have online stock levels or full control of your orders if beyond a farce but then I guess they are irish Big Grin

To answer your question, never used them but been around for years I believe so must be doing something right
My mate ordered an expensive helmet from them, it never arrived and after chasing it appeared that it was never in stock in the first place.

Ive ordered from JEJ twice now, both occasions delivery has taken almost 2 weeks - and there is no login of sorts to check status.

If you buy from JEJ, just ensure you dont want it in a hurry.

(Im not sure if thats a rant or not, but merely an opinion!)
ahaha JE James

I ordered my fold up bike from them.

I waited a week and a half and no bike had arrived, gave them a call and it had been dropped at the depot but failed to tell me. They said they would get it back and check it over and if it was ok send it out to me, err no! i told them i dont want anything thats been dropped so they agreed to send a new one out. The next day the bike arrived, the day after that another bike arrived! both in perfect condition. I called them and told them i had 2 bikes, they arranged collection of one but the courier never turned up, i called them again and the arranged it again but the same happened. Started to get pissed off with it all because it takes a couple of hours just to get through on the phone to them. Anyway its been 9 months now and i still have 2 bikes Tongue , so a nice spare parts bike! 
I ordered my Camelbak from them before the South Downs Way trip.  It was the cheapest by miles but similar to a lot of other people's experiences - zero customer service and took an age to arrive.  Also when i got it the shop security tag was still on it so i had to cut it off with some pliers
Just go to UK Bike Store..  good prices good advise and good service...   job done
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
lol Buzz

I take back my earlier comment. If their service is this bad, how have they been in business for so long!
I guess because theyre cheap.

Like I say, if you are in NO rush for the item then you could buy from them, I guess I would only buy accessories from them and not something which would need returning or could have issues - eg, Bike!

If I need the item quickly, I almost always go to Wiggle or CRC.
i ordered a pair of brake pads from them and 2 weeks later got told that they was not in stock. So have now ordered from superstar and for cheeper have got 4 pairs.
BTW If you use Wiggle please go through Ades banner at the top and help support the cost of running his server.

Ade has been very kind to set up this wonderful Forum and if we can help in a small way please do.

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